Fashion Tricks To Hide Belly Fat

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There are many diet plans to lose weight and shed the belly fat. However, when you are on a weight loss diet, you need time to see the results. Till that time, the only thing you want to hide is your bulging tummy. There are many fashion tricks that can help you hide your tummy fat easily.

Wearing the right clothes can flaunt your figure and also makes you look stylish. There are many outfits that are intended for women who are bulgy or fat. If you are fat, then the fashion statement you carry should vary from a thin lady. For example, a slim fit top can look great on a slim and tall figure. However, if a woman with tummy fat wears slim fit t-shirt or top, she will end up flaunting the bulging belly.

That is why, flowing tunic tops, kurtis, saree, wrap around gowns, jeans, jackets etc can work wonders for women who want to hide their tummy fat. Wearing prints is one of the fashion tricks that can also hide the bulging tummy fat very easily. So, if you want to wear something that looks good on you and also hides your belly fat, then check out.

Fashion tricks to hide belly fat:


Leopard print

This print can hide your body fat and guess what, it is trending too! You can wear animal prints to look thin and fashionable.


Saree with full sleeve blouses

A saree can make you look slim and also hide your belly fat. It all depends on the way you carry it. Aishwarya has been under the scanner for her post-pregnancy weight. To hide it, she choose to wear a Georgette saree with full sleeves blouse. Smart fashion trick!


Traditional tunics

Kurtis are the traditional Indian tunics that can be worn with fitting pants, jeans, leggings or churidar. These flowing kurtis can hide your tummy fat and they look classic too. Accessorise this simple look with junk jewellery and jodhpuri chapals.


Black lace

Black is an excellent colour that can make you look thin and also hide flaws. As lace is trending this season, you can try such lace outfits in black. Make sure you accesorise it with a thick belt.



This is one excellent fashion trick that women can implement to hide their tummy fat. Frills can hide your body flaws and looks stylish. Go for bright colors like yellow or neon orange to look fashionably hot.


The empire waist

Many celebrities hide their little or bulging tummy fat by picking up outfits with empire waist. This bold and dangerously deep V-neck cut empire waist gown is perfect to hide a heavy waistline.



This is another fashion trick to hide belly fat and it looks fashionable at the same time. The blue and green floral cum animal kaftan is just wow! Go for silk and avoid cotton. Silk flows on the body and looks feminine.



They are trending and looks stylish too. Wear jumpsuits of bright colours like red or go simple with black. Accessorise with big or small belts of your choice. Wear high heels to look tall and slim.



To hide belly fat, always pick up right inner wear. A shape wear or corset for example can hide the body flaws and make you look perfect in any outfit.


Knot dress

This is a simple one piece that can be worn down by women who have tummy fat. The knot is below waistline. Thus, the tummy fat can be easily hidden in such outfits. Wear high heels to look stylish in such dresses.


Knotted shirts

Women with belly fat can wear shirts without showing off their bulging tummy. Prefer knotted shirts in stripes. Stripes give an illusion of slim figure and knots helps you hide your belly fat.



You can accessorise a plain casual look with jackets, hiding belly fat at the same time. Make sure you wear fitting top or t-shirt underneath so that the body shape is best flaunted in the jacket.


Floor length gowns

Long lengths can work wonders to hide body flaws especially a fat middle body. Loose fitting gowns like this looks versatile, stylish for evenings and most importantly, it hides tummy fat too!


Structured style

If you think that jackets can make you look fat, think again! Well-fitted structured jackets with a tee can look stylish and also work as a fashion trick for you. Loose tees are ideal for women who have belly fat.

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