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Styles To Drape A Transparent Saree

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The monsoons have finally arrived and the weather is just perfect to watch Bollywood's 'dancing in the rain' sequences. You must have noticed that transparent sarees are an essential part of these songs and dance sequences in the rain. The leading lady gets all drenched in the rain and shows off her booty in a transparent saree.

If you want to wear a transparent saree in celebrity style then you could choose from these 4 celebrity style buddies.

Transparent Saree

Lacy Kareena: Very few celebs can drape a saree like Kareena. She is seen often in sarees and most of them are see-through. This particular transparent black saree has a thick border of lace. You should ideally wear it with a short sleeved blouse like Kareena has. Leave your neck bare and wear dangling earrings. The idea is to not take the attention away from the transparent lace part of the saree.

Sizzling Katrina: Katrina is a celebrity whose style of draping a saree is very different from others. You would rarely see her drape a saree in the usual way. Here too, Katrina adds her own style statement to this transparent saree by wearing it in an improvised Gujrati style. The saree is a double bonanza in terms of being sexy as it is both see-through and nude coloured. The full-sleeved blouse look is make of light see-through net but it looks like Katrina is wearing the saree bare bodied. Only the shimmering embellishments on the thick border of the saree match the design on her wrists.

Red Hot Aishwarya: We are almost forgetting that Ash could look like this. Baby fat jokes apart, no one looks as graceful in a saree as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This is a saree that she had worn in the movie 'Mistress of Spices' and as befitting her role, she looks like a real temptress her. The saree is transparent and in one single colour. The bikini style blouse which is of the same colour as the saree, makes her look really sexy.

Kajol, The Dark Knight: Kajol looks great in both plain white and black. Here she explores the option. Being too fashion conscious is not this celebrity's style so she keeps it really simple. It is a simple black net saree with a short sleeved blouse. The blouse too has transparent sleeves keeping with the look. The main attraction of the look is the contrasting emerald and pearl jewellery (jarao). As they say, any colour can be contrasted with black and Kajol pulls off this unusual combination beautifully.

To drape a transparent saree like one of these celebrities try these style.

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