5 Street Styles In Fashion This Winter

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Street Style Fashion
Street style fashion is the real fashion that gets tested on the roads. You see fashion models walk the ramp in clothes that are designed by the most creative of designers, but do you see women on the streets sporting whose clothes. Fat chance! All leading designers have launched their winter collections, but it is the winter fashion trends doing the rounds in colleges, offices and trains that makes the fashion scene vibrant.

A casual look that you can carry fashionably everyday is what most women want and for that there are some cool street style, but fashionable looks that are hot this season.

Street Styles That Are In Fashion For Winter:

1. The Muffler Look: Have you ever considered the wooly muffler your grandmother wears as a very chic fashion accessory. If the winter fashion trends of the season are heeded, then it is actually hot property now. The thicker and the woolier the muffler, the more fashionable it is. Wrap it around twice on your neck and it goes with everything from t-shirt to halter top.

2. Black Stockings Or Slacks: As the temperatures are falling street style fashion for women has taken a wise turn. They has finally resisted showing off their long limbs and covered them in a sexy way with black stockings or slacks. Your street clothes on top of the slacks or stockings could be anything, but the ultra mini skirt is your best pick. That is how street fashion incorporates the practical aspect of fashion.

3. Long Belted Jackets: There was a time when long overcoats were considered bulky, ill fitting and shunned by fashion gurus but now you will see the skinniest of models sporting oversize overcoats tightened at the waist. This new drive towards long loose coats falling of the slender body and accentuating the tiny waist is a fresh winter fashion trend for the year.

4. Get Skinny Get Tight: While the tops are getting looser, the bottoms tend to sit tight on you. You will rarely see any street clothes for winter being worn with loose pants or what we previously called jump suits. Skinny jeans, leggings, tight leather or corduroy pants with loose sweaters is what you will see around.

5. Blazers: It is been a while since you saw women wear blazers with wide lapels; not since the 70, I think. Not the power suit Armani's of the corporates or Tuxedos for red carpets but now this is a semi casual look for women to sport colourful blazers cut to perfection for their hourglass bodies. The cut of the blazer makes it a 'women only' street clothing. You will see them wear it with leggings, slacks or even skinny jeans with a body hugging inner.

These fashion tips for women to be on the street style fashion ticker for this freezing winter.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 11:30 [IST]
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