Jewellery To Flaunt Your Pierced Nose

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Cartilage or nose piercing for the purpose of wearing jewelery is a fashion statement these days. It is the most common form of piercing to be found in women after earlobe piercing. But what might bother you more is what kind of jewelery to wear in your nose piercing so that it makes you look sexy. Well there is nothing to bother about for we are going to offer a plethora of choices of nose jewellery out of which you can take your pick and see what suits you the most.

Cultural Significance: Nose piercing is a part of many cultures like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australian, Aborigines and so on. In most of the eastern hemisphere countries it is a tradition for a girl to have nose piercing after she gets married as according to some myth it helps in keeping her spouse in good health.

Nose Piercings

It is also believed that a piercing near a particular node on the nostril lessens pain during menstrual cycle and protects women from nasal infection.

But its no more the traditional reasons that inspires a girl to undergo nostril piercing. Girls go for a nostril piercing just because it is a fashion statement these days. People even go for septum or bridge piercing.

Pick Your Choice Of Nose Jewellery:

Nose Rings: If you want to sport a trendy look go for a tiny captive silver nose ring. Beaded rings are also available. Only circular barbels or loops might really be classified as nose rings. Another good thing about rings is that its best suited right after the piercing as it gives room for any kind of infection or swelling that takes place after a nose piercing.

Nose Studs- This a small piece of jewellery for your nostril piercing where a bead rests on the upper part of the nose. They are often in the form of a straight post with a conventional backing. Some nose studs also have a larger U shaped loop end inside. You can either go for diamonds or small black coloured beads as it will set off the signal for that extra zing factor in you.

Screw- Screws for your nostril piercing are in vogue this season. Nostril screws are very popular in Western piercings but it is a style that is actually borrowed from India.. A short post goes into a small curl or a straight piece on the inside of the nostrils. You can go for either silver or black coloured screws. They are very trendy and easy to carry.

Well if you think that a definite nose jewellery will not go with your Western or Indian attire then you are completely wrong. For its up to you to carry your nose jewellery with all ease and style.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 17:11 [IST]
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