Style Secrets Of The IPL Cheerleaders

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Call them a distraction or a subversion of our culture, the fact remains that the IPL cheerleaders are here to stay. All those people who criticise them while watching match on television, were mesmerised when they jiggle up to catchy numbers and strokes on the field. So, if they cannot be ignored even by their most bitter critics, there must be something in the style statement of these cheer girls.

Be it the clothes of the cheerleaders or the way they carry themselves, these girls surely knows how to grab attention. You can learn their art too if you read the secret style diary of the IPL cheerleaders.

IPL Cheerleaders

Style Secrets Of IPL Cheerleaders:

Well Fitting Clothes:
Why do you think that these girls are so confident even when they are wearing such skimpy clothes? It is because they wear clothes that are like their second skin. They have to dance and that to at short notice. Thus it is important for their clothes to be well fitted so that the dance steps do not get clumsy and they are comfortable too.

Perfect Hairdos:
Have you ever seen an IPL cheerleader with a funky hairdo? Very rare. They usually leave their hair open or pull it into a neat pony. Even their hairbands are simple. This gives them the ease to dance without bothering about the elaborate hairdos. The new Indian cheerleaders do have proper hairstyles but, their steps too are less frantic than the foreign cheerleaders.

Colours To Catch An Eye:
The colours used for the dresses of the cheerleaders are bold and bright. Most importantly, the colours of the clothes follow the rules of contrasting perfectly. The dresses are beautifully colour coordinated by mixing blue with white, black with gold etc.

Proper Footwear:
There is no reason to think that only heels can make you look fashionable. The idea is to match your footwear with your clothes. The IPL cheerleaders wear sports shoes that are totally flat and unglamorous. But they manage to rock in these shoes because they are perfect for dancing.

Body Language: You know that the Indian crowd is relentless. And yet, they manage to be at the top of their game even when the cricketers are not! There is a lesson to learn from these girls. A confident body language can make any outfit look sexy.

Indian Cheerleaders: Hats off the girls who manage to dance so well in their elaborate Indian clothing. It all comes down when you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

You too can share your views on the style statement of IPL cheerleaders with us.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 21, 2012, 10:30 [IST]
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