How To Select The Best Prom Gown?

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Best Prom Gown
When it comes to selecting the best prom gowns then you can visualize trips to at least ten boutiques and trying on round about 25 dresses at each until you have found the perfect one. It is one thing if you like shopping but you don't really have to make it that tedious if you follow some thumb rules.

High school fashion is not all that tough to get right; after all nobody is going to judge you for the designer label or price tag of your long evening dress. So follow these simple tips to choose the best prom gown easy and fast; it saves time for the makeup and hairdos you have to try.

Tips To Choose The Best Prom Gown:

1. Start Your Research Early: It always pays to do your home work. We are not talking about homework your teachers give you but the general know how of what in and out of high school fashion. You need to catch the pulse of what is on the live wire by checking out whats happening in parties and other proms.

2. Take Samples: You have to make note of all the red carpet dresses worn by celebrities at award functions so that you can use it as a sample to choose your dress. Some of these red carpet dresses are also discussed and illustrated in fashion magazines; get hold of those.

3. What Suits Your Body Type: You know your figure the best. Analyse and find out what kind of dress will compliment you the most. Will it be a classic long evening dress or something more sheath like accentuating your curves. You can have celebrity style buddy who best resembles your body type.

4. Decide On A Basic Style And Then Explore: You have to be sure of what is the best types of prom gown for you before you hit the stores. It can be a cocktail dress, a vintage gown or a long evening dress; once you have decided you can try it in different colours and materials. Never decide on a colour in advance because then you tend to pick a dress that you like hundred percent just for the colour.

5. Buy 2-3 Weeks In Advance: Never buy your best prom gown way too much in advance, say a month before your prom. You can easily put on weight with the excitement or may be reduce a little. You should ideally buy it no less or more than a fortnight before your prom.

6. Beware Of Friends: You may have seen groups of girlfriends shopping together for their prom but beware of the high school fashion wire; you friend might discourage you from buying dress because she likes it. Better to take someone older and more reliable like your elder sister or college going cousin.

Use these fashion tips to choose the best prom gown for yourself.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2012, 11:07 [IST]
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