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7 Fashion Tips For Women With Fat Tummy

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Are you always obessesed about your fat tummy popping out of the dress when you sit? Well, that's a common problem that most women face today. Reducing tummy takes some time but should the present look go on a toss? No, it need not as we have a few tips that makes fashion for fat very smart. Take a look.

7 Fashion Tips For Women With Fat Tummy

1. Pencil Skirts – The reason why we suggest pencil skirts is because it tucks bumps of flesh making the lower half slimmer. The stretchable skirts in blacks give a good shape to the body and doesn't look too tight or clingy. It is comfortable, long and goes well with any type of top.

2. Lycra Tops – Lycra is best material to conceal the flabby skin. Wearing light or dark colored lycra top (blouson-style, colored horizontal stripped tops hide the belly regional, arms and even bust magically.

3. High Waisted Briefs – One of the main advantage of wearing high waisted briefs is that it tones the tummy and abdominal region giving it an even shape. The buttocks are also taken care and thus wearing a tight fit jeans doesn't bother the body much.

4. Jeggings – Jeggings are light, non transparent and good tuckers. The elastic property of the fabric pulls the skin behind giving it a perfect shape. Always choose slightly loose fit jeggings so that the lower half looks even. This fashion for fat is the most comfortable as most indian women of today prefer wearing cotton kurta and jeggings.

5. Tips While Selecting Trousers – Select trousers that do not have to big pockets. Prefer slim jeans and flared pants. Choosing dark colored trousers hides the tyres and fat belly without any hint.

6. Accessories – Wearing a thin beaded belt, layered beaded neckpiece, thin and long stoles and small bags add to the slim look. Wearing these accessories will draw the eyes towards them without much effort.

7. Fashion Tips On Combining Outfits – While matching clothes, our fashion tips for fat would be wearing a long floral top with short tapering skirts or a comfortable fit dark colored trousers. They are the best and light tummy tuck dresses.

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Story first published: Monday, October 10, 2011, 11:50 [IST]
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