What Clothes Suit Fat Women?

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Clothes For Fat Women
When we say clothes for fat women, don't get offended. We are using the word fat for the lack of a better word. Fat and thin are relative terms not to be taken literally. The good news is that the fashion industry till now obsessed with size zero models is now taking plus size fashion seriously. Clothes for large women can be fashionable too. The deal is that you need to know exactly what kind of clothes to wear in order to look stunning.

These basic fashion tips for women will help fat women choose clothes that are suitable for them.

Suitable Clothes For Fat Women:

1. Long Flowing Dresses: Dresses that don't sit tightly around your flabby parts are good for you. You need to wear clothes that have a flow. A-line dresses that are tight under your bust but straight from there will hide your tummy. Pregnancy frocks are now back in fashion. No one will say you are wearing a shapeless sack if you wear a dress that doesn't taper anywhere on your torso.

2. Tunic: These tops are best to dress for your shape. Since you don't have an hour glass figure, tight or short tops will make you look awkward. Tunics on the other hand will not accentuate flab anywhere on your upper body. They are tight around the bust and neck and loose from there on.

3. Puff sleeves: If you have plump arms then you can't wear sleeveless or very short sleeves. Puff sleeves can hide your fat arms with grace. Go for puff sleeves in kurtas, tunic, saree blouses and even dresses; they are really hot and happening in plus size fashion these days.

4. Salwars: Loose fitting or comfortable salwar pants are better clothes for fat women than churidars. If you have really heavy legs then wear Patiala salwars because it is the kind of clothes for large women that is in. Everyone starting from Kareena Kapoor to Anushka Sharma is sporting them, so why shouldn't you!

5. Boot Cut Jeans: I know that skin tight tapering jeans or jegings are in fashion these days but since you have to follow plus size fashion rules not the latest fashion trends blindly you have to make a compromise. Go for comfort fits and even bottomed jeans called boot cut jeans. You can wear low waist jeans only if you wear a long enough top and that would defeat the purpose; so it is better not go for them.

6. Sarees: Sarees suit all women fat or slim. But don't wear saree like chiffon or jorjet that clings to you. You have to favour cottons, tant or very traditional silk sarees. Don't wear crepe silks as they stick to you and make your bulges obvious.

Clothes for fat women form a separate subject of fashion altogether because they are more realistic for the average woman on the street.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 13:05 [IST]
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