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How To Reduce Redness Of Skin During Winters

When we think of the winter skin woes, we think dry skin. Unfortunately, the issue extends beyond dry skin. A skin issue that comes with the dryness of the winter season is redness of the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. The lack of moisture in your skin compromises with your skin barrier function and that causes inflammation in the skin and that leads to redness[1] .

With the harsh winters at its full glory, you might be juggling with the redness of the skin as well. Know that you are not alone in this! While the soothing moisturisers and skincare products help, there are certain tips you must know to prevent and deal with the redness of the skin.

Tips To Reduce The Redness Of Skin


Protect your skin from the sun

Sun damage is real and one that you can’t run from. Exposing your skin to the harmful rays of the sun not only boosts the ageing of the skin but also irritate the skin. This can cause redness of the skin. So, cover your skin when are going out in the sun and always use sunscreen before stepping out of the sun.


Keep away from the skin irritants

Apart from the dry skin, other factors that can cause redness of the skin are harsh soaps, detergents and ingredients like alcohol, fragrance etc. that are known skin irritants. Know what irritates your skin and stay away from it.


Choose products suitable for your skin type

To know your skin type is vital in deciding the skincare route for you. Your skin is what determines the products you use on your skin. And choosing a product not suitable can be damaging on the skin, oftentimes causing redness and itchiness. So, choose the products suitable for your skin type.

Also, with a change in weather and age, your skin's texture can change. In that case, the products that used to work for you won't do it now. Keep up with the changes to ace the skin game.


Keep the hydration game strong

Dry skin is the main culprit behind the redness of the skin. In fact, redness is the first sign that your skin lacks moisture. And to beat the dryness you need to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. So, invest in a good winter moisturiser and apply it at least twice a day.


Be gentle with your skin

Winter is not the time to be harsh with your skin. The weather is doing that job already! What your skin needs is soothing. Of course, you need to cleanse and exfoliate the skin to keep it healthy and plump, but be gentle while at it. Use a gentle hydrating cleanser. When it comes to scrubs, go for scrubs with smaller particles that won’t be too harsh on the skin.

How To Hide The Redness

While the amazing tips mentioned above will work like a charm to reduce the redness of the skin over time there are times when you need a quick fix. For instance, a family gathering, a party or a date. What do you do then? Well, in that case, make-up can be your knight in shining armour. With a few make-up tricks up your sleeves, you can fake a perfect skin day. What are these tricks? Let's find out!

  • Use a tinted moisturiser to cover up the redness. It will keep the skin hydrated while hiding the redness.
  • Go for a colour corrector to block the redness. You need a green colour corrector to do that.
  • Use cream products instead of powder products.
  • Do not rub the make-up products. Use dabbing motions to blend it in. It provides more coverage.
  • Use a damp beauty blender to camouflage the redness. The bristles of the brush might aggravate the redness.
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  1. [1] Lin, T. K., Zhong, L., & Santiago, J. L. (2018). Anti-inflammatory and skin barrier repair effects of topical application of some plant oils.International journal of molecular sciences,19(1), 70.
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