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The Nuances Of Moisturising Oily Skin That No One Ever Told You

Dealing with oily skin can be challenging. The over-active sebum glands not only put our skin at the risk of breakouts but also add shine to the skin as we go about our day. And we are left to deal with blotting that shine away at every chance we get. Oily skin needs extensive care and with the change in seasons, the demand of our skin changes constantly. But one need that remains constant is hydration. Unfortunately, we often deny our oily skin its basic need, thus disrupting its health.

There is a huge misconception among women that oily skin does not need moisturiser. This stems from the fear of adding more grease and shine to our skin. This is a completely false assumption. The more you deny your skin the hydration it needs, the more oil it produces making your skin even oilier. The problem lies in the way we moisturise our oily skin. So, here are some important tips on moisturising oily skin that will make the process easier and your skin much happier.


Your Regular Moisturiser Won’t Make The Cut

The first mistake you do is using the same moisturiser that you would use for dry skin on the oily skin. The needs of oily skin are different and the formulations of the products differ accordingly. Instead of using your regular moisturiser, use a moisturiser specifically developed for oily skin. A moisturiser for oily skin is generally a water-based or gel-based light formula. It won't weigh your skin down or make it greasy.


Use A Water-Based Non-Comedogenic Formula

The best moisturisers for oily skin are water-based and non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic products are those that do not clog your skin pores. With oily skin, comes large pores. These can get clogged very easily leading to breakouts. So, cross off moisturiser with ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, beeswax, stearyl alcohol, mineral oil, lauric acid, linoleic acid and shea butter from the list of oily skin-friendly moisturisers.

Should You Use Moisturiser On Oily Skin?


Always Use A Toner Before The Moisturiser

No product can do a better job of preparing oily skin for moisturiser better than a toner. This deep-cleansing product removes the dirt and grime left on your skin after cleansing, and also tightens the skin pores to enhance the appearance of your skin. So, before applying the moisturiser, use a toner. Give it a few seconds to sink into your skin before moving in with the moisturiser.


Keep It Light

It is not what you apply on the skin but also how much and how you apply that matters. When dealing with oily skin, it is best to keep the products to a minimal. Instead of layering on products upon products, use only the products that your skin needs. A crazy 16-step skincare regime might not be the best idea for your oily skin. And you need to give each product time to get absorbed into the skin. Gently massage the product on your skin and leave it to do its work for the next few seconds. Take time with your skincare routine and keep it light. This way you won't feel a moisturiser being too heavy or too much for your skin.

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Trust The Process

We are often too much in a hurry to discard a product. Remember, your skin takes time to get used to a change in its normal regime. It isn't fair for you to discard the moisturiser only after one try. With the right moisturiser, your skin will bloom. So, trust the process and be patient.

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