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The Holy Trinity Of Skincare: Three Must-Know Skincare Tips For Women In Their 50s

In case you were a little negligent in your skincare routine during your carefree teen years and adult years, and your stressful 30s and 40s, then the later years of your 50s and beyond are the perfect time to make up for it. Skin resilience decreases as oestrogen decreases over time, but a routine tailored to our age can compensate for lost time. Even in your 50s, establishing a proper skincare routine is never too late.

What Happens To Your Skin As You Age?

Our skin's needs, concerns, and requirements change with age, but the best version of yourself does not require a complete overhaul.

As we age, the skin cell turnover rate slows down from a normal 28-day cycle to over 45 days. This results in dead skin cells remaining on the surface for a longer period, resulting in a dull appearance of skin.

The loss of collagen, elastin and fat underneath the skin coincides with a loss of the structures that lift and tighten the skin, causing the skin to appear thinner and more translucent [1].

Menopausal changes in women result in a severe decrease in oestrogen levels-the hormone responsible for maintaining suppleness and moisture in the skin, causing the skin to appear dry and wrinkled. While normally acidic, the skin pH level becomes more alkaline around this age, resulting in increased moisture loss and skin sensitivity [2][3].

Here are three main skincare tips for women in their 50s.

Three Must-Know Skincare Tips For Women In Their 50s

Tip 1: Apply sunscreen and don't forget to moisturise

Sunscreen is a must-have in your skincare kit, as photo ageing can worsen the changes your skin is undergoing. Establishing a diligent sunscreen routine every day-even indoors-is of the utmost importance. At this age, your skin gets extremely dry, so you'll need richer and thicker creams [4].

Tip 2: Use a gentle exfoliation method

The use of antioxidant skincare products and retinol daily therapy can also be beneficial for reducing daily wear and tear on the skin and stimulating cell renewal. To exfoliate dead skin and stimulate the appearance of your skin, you should include enzyme peels or AHA/BHA masks in your routine once a week [5].

Tip 3: Protect your eyes, neck, and lips

It's also important to do a neck routine because your skin can reveal your age. It's a good idea to do your neck, ears, décolletage and hands, even if you use the same facial products. This needs to be supplemented with a good lip-care and eye-care routine since those areas tend to thin over time [6].

On A Final Note...

Try not to rush into trying multiple anti-ageing products at once, and don't get alarmed by signs of ageing and try to fix them right away. Keep skincare concerns at bay by getting enough exercise, getting

Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2022, 19:32 [IST]
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