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15 Healthy Skincare Habits To Adopt In Your 20s That Will Pay Off In Your 30s

Let's face it- 20s is the time when we enjoy the best skin that we are ever going to have. Well, for most of us. And we would so love to hold on to the flawless skin of the 20s. Reality check- our skin ages and as soon as we step into our 30s we begin to see the minor changes that become quite evident in our mid-30s. Fines lines around the eyes and mouth, wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and hyperpigmentation are all the issues you face in your 30s. Scared? Don't be. We have some good news for you. You can combat these signs of ageing well in your 20s.

30s skin is tricky. The signs of skin ageing appear quickly and suddenly, and we don't get any time to undo the damage. Being a little aware and mindful about your skin in the 20s, however, will pay you off in your 30s. The more you invest in your skin in your mid-20s, the more it is reflected in your 30s. We are here to share with you fifteen healthy skincare habits to adopt in your 20s that will pay off in your 30s. Take notes, ladies!


1. Know Your Skin Type

The first step to ace your skincare routine is to know what is your skin type- oily, dry, normal, sensitive or combination. Your skin type does not only affect how you deal with your skin but also what are the skincare products you need to have or avoid. It makes you better equipped to handle the changes in your skin.


2. Map Your CTM Routine

CTM routine- cleansing, toning and moisturising- are the three steps vital to keep your skin healthy and glowing. These are the steps you need to do even if you are following the basic skincare routine. The CTM routine keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenated, and helps to delay the signs of skin ageing.


3. Exfoliate Religiously

The dead skin cells, the oil produced by our skin and the impurities that our skin comes in contact with daily clogs the skin pores and boosts skin degeneration. This becomes evident as you step into your 30s. Exfoliating is the best solution to deal with this issue. It removes all the build-up grime in your pores and refreshes the skin. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times in a week as a practice. And do not take it lightly.


4. Get To Know The Serums

Of all the skincare products that we use, serums are the most concentrated formula. What that also means is that these work more efficiently. They penetrate deep into the skin and efficiently solve the skin issue they are meant for, which in most of the times is skin ageing i.e. fine lines and wrinkles.[1] Series also make your moisturiser so much more effective[2]. So, include serums in the skincare routine in your 20s and your skin will thank you for it in your 30s. While using serum wait for it to get completely absorbed into the skin before processing with the rest of your skincare routine.

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5. Make Skincare Simpler

The older we get, the less damage our skin can overcome. Simple skincare is the best. Bombarding your skin with products that will damage it in the long run doesn't help anyone. So keep your skincare routine simple and effective. And if you ever want to tweak your skincare routine, do it slowly. Do not change the entire routine at once.


6. Protect Your Skin From Sun

Sun damage is irreversible and the worst damage your skin can endure. Not only does it age your skin, it also causes hyperpigmentation[3]. SPF protection is what your skin needs all year round no matter the weather. Always apply sunscreen before you step out and make sure you use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.


7. Read On The Make-up Products You Use

The world of make-up is fascinating. With social media becoming a huge part of our lives, a full face of make-up has become a norm. But we do not consider the effects of putting on so many layers of make-up on our face. It blocks the skin pores and the chemicals present in the make-up products can irritate your skin. Before you get tempted to delve all into the world of make-up, know the products you use and what are the ingredients it is made up of. And while you are at it, read on how to prevent your skin from the possible damage make-up can cause.

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8. Sleep With A Clean And Refreshed Face

We can not stress how important it is to remove your make-up at the end of the day. The longer the make-up stays on your face, the more are the chances of your pores getting blocked. So every night before sleep follow your nighttime skincare routine and sleep with a clean and moisturised face.


9. Take The Under-Eye Care Seriously

The first place where the sounds of skincare are visible is your under eye area. It starts with fine lines forming around your eyes. Unfortunately, this is also the most neglected part of our skincare routine. Your late 20s however is not the time to be negligible. Invest in an eye cream and take care of the skin around and under your eyes.


10. Get Familiar With Retinol

A type of vitamin A, retinol is one of the most common ingredients in your anti-ageing creams. It makes sure that a product claiming to reverse skin ageing works. It works by breaking down the collagen in the skin to improve your skin texture and appearance. It also is an ingredient that helps to reduce the sun damage.[4]


11. The Best Time To Use Anti-Ageing Cream Is In Your 20s

Angie-ageing creams are ideally meant to be used for mature skin, but one can argue that it is highly difficult to restore the skin to its former glory aka make it wrinkle-less. There is no harm in using an anti-wrinkle cream in your 20s. In fact, it is recommended to do that. This helps to prepare your skin and also delay the signs of skin ageing.


12. Develop A Facial Routine

Get regular at your facial appointments. With the lifestyle we live, our skin always can benefit from a little pampering. While facials might seem like a luxury in your 20s, as you get older it becomes a necessity to keep your skin going. And who doesn't love a relaxing facial session? So, it is a win-win.


13. Stop With The Hot Showers Already

No matter how relaxing your hot showers are, they are damaging for your skin. Too hot water strips the moisture of your skin leaving it dry, dehydrated and vulnerable. After a certain age it becomes difficult for your skin to counter the damage done. Switch to normal or lukewarm water to keep your skin in optimal health today and in your late 30s.


14. Quit (Or At Least Limit) Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and drinking is neither good for your health or vanity. Over consumption of alcohol and cigarettes makes your skin and scalp dry and makes you skin age faster. The damage done to your skin by smoking and drinkling is irreversible and therefore dangerous.[5] 20s is the best time to stop this unhealthy habit and get the best skin in your 30s as well.


15. Eat Good

We often do not often give a nutritious diet its due credit. It is not only good to get a toned body but also a smooth, flawless and healthy skin. Eat good rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and C to keep all skin woes at bay and enjoy a great-looking skin.[6][7] An important part of a skin-friendly diet is drinking plenty of water. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is a must to flush out the toxins in your body and improve your skin appearance and texture.

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Story first published: Friday, May 1, 2020, 8:00 [IST]
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