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Grooming Tips For Men With Oily Skin

Oily skin is a real problem -irrespective of gender. There's no doubt people with oily skin have a gorgeous glow on their faces, but that glow may often lead to blocked pores and acne.

And, consistency is the key to treating acne, excess oil, blackheads, and whiteheads - this refers to consistency in your daily routine.

You need to take care of your oily skin in order to prevent it from getting out of control and negatively affecting your appearance, but you should not go overboard - your skin does need a certain amount of moisture and oil.

Grooming Tips For Men With Oily Skin

Listed below are a few things you can do to keep your skin clear and oil-free.

1. Wash Your Face Twice A Day But Not More

One of the most important steps in your skincare regimen is cleaning your skin. To keep your skin glowing and healthy, wash it twice a day with a face wash. By doing this, you'll not only get rid of impurities, dirt, and excess oil, but also prevent your pores from clogging. Excessive washing can make your skin oily.

2. Use An Oily Skin Face Wash For Men

There is no universal face wash. Don't reach for any old soap and assume it will do the job. Get a face wash specifically designed for men's skin and skincare. Be smart - don't use harsh soaps. If your skin is oily, a gentle face wash will help prevent acne and oil build-up without removing essential oils completely.

3. Don't Forget To Moisturise

It doesn't matter what type of skin you have, moisturising is important. Moisturisers keep your skin hydrated and soft by drawing moisture from the environment. As a result of their stimulation, ceramides are produced in your body, preventing water loss. Choose oil-free, lightweight water-based moisturisers, use a moisturiser that is non-comedogenic.

4. Once A Week, Exfoliate

During exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed and healthy skin is resurfaced, giving it a more youthful appearance. Exfoliation also prevents bacteria from accumulating and unclogs pores. You may exfoliate your skin once a week or twice. Exfoliating your skin too frequently can result in excess oil production due to dryness and inflammation.

5. Make Use Of A Toner

The use of a toner can help to remove impurities, maintain the pH balance of the skin, and prevent excessive oil production. It can be used after shaving or cleansing in order to soothe the skin.

If you are experiencing acne, consider using a salicylic-based toner. Salicylic acid is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that prevents the skin from developing various types of acne.

On A Final Note...

Also, in order for your skin to be healthy, you need to include certain nutrients in your diet, such as green leafy vegetables, vitamin-C-rich foods, antioxidant-rich foods, omega-3 fatty acids, and water. Avoid foods containing high sugar, simple and refined carbs, high sodium, liquor, and fried foods.

Story first published: Friday, January 13, 2023, 23:38 [IST]
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