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Four More Shots Please Actor Kirti Kulhari’s Secret To Flawless Skin On Her Birthday

Kirti Kulhari has won hearts through her acting skills in the Prime's famous show, Four More Shots Please. Today, as the talented actress celebrates her birthday, we can not help but marvel at her flawless and glowing skin. We did a little digging and found out her skincare secrets that we are going to share with you today.

Kirti has not only tapped into the hearts her followers through her crazy acting skills but also by keeping it real, raw and open on her social media. Kirti enjoys a following of 950 thousand followers on Instagram and keeps her posts engaging and entertaining. Luckily, for those of us who are in awe of her flawless skin, she has revealed her secrets more than a couple of times. Surprisingly, she loves to keep it simple with her skincare. All the better for us! We are taking a deep dive today and sharing all her skincare secrets. Here we go.


Quick Homemade Mask

Kirti treats her skin to homemade masks. We can not stress enough the importance of DIY masks and Kirti seems to agree with us. So, if you have not started with your homemade skincare routine, here is Kirti trusted DIY face mask recipe.

Kirti mixes multani mitti and yogurt and applies this paste on her face for the glowing and oil-free skin. You can mix equal quantities of multani mitti powder and yougurt(1 tbsp) to enjoy the benefits of this mask. Apply it and rinse it off when dry.

Multani mitti is a great absorbent and balances the sebum in your skin while yogurt being a natural exfoliator keeps your skin clean and smooth.


Thank Aloe Vera Gel For That Glow

A layer of aloe vera gel is the skincare elixir we all need. Kirtii applies aloe vera gel on her face post the DIY mask to soothe the skin and restore its moisture. Aloe vera gel contains essential vitamins and minerals that keep our skin healthy and youthful.


A Bit Of An Eye Cream

Undereye area is the most neglected area of our entire skincare regime. But we do regret it at the first sign of puffy eyes and dark circles. Kirti does not take chances with her skin. An eye cream is an assured step of her daily skincare regime.

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Overnight Face Mask, Oh Yeah!

Overnight face masks are not to be taken lightly and Kirti knows that. Kirti swears by the overnight masks and opts for one every alternate night without a miss. She also reminds us not to miss the area under the eyes.


The Retinol Frenzy

For all those over 30, retinol is a must-have skincare element. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol improves the collagen production in the skin and tackles all the signs of skin ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation. It improves the appearance of your skin and makes it radiant. On the days when Kirti does not apply the overnight face maks, she sticks to retinol. She also urges the followers to find their own retinol routine. As we say, how the skin reacts to a product differs from person to person.


The Inside Out Care

Kirti does not enjoy the flawless skin by taking take of the outer appearance only. She believes in inside out skin love. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and exercising are an indispensable part of her skincare routine.


Loads Of Healthy Fresh Juices

Talking about inner skincare, Kirti is a big lover of juices. Whether it is fruit juice or mix vegetable juice, the nutrients they provide are essential to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. As revealed by Kirti , her mixed vegetable juice contains "lauki, beetroot, palak, pudina, adrak, tomatoes, cucumber , nimbu and some sendha namak".

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Now that you know Kirti's secret to beautiful skin, what are you waiting for? Take cue from her and enjoy as flawless skin as Kirti.