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Fermented Skincare: What Is It? Can It Help With Sensitive Skin?

A growing number of fermented foods are being used in skincare. These include yoghurt, wine, and kimchi - and essentially, the latest skincare trend to join the bandwagon is - fermented skincare!

Fermented skincare refers to formulations that contain fermented natural ingredients such as fruits, herbs, and other plant matter, which are transformed into prebiotics, which feed the probiotic bacteria on the surface of the skin.

Check out this article to learn more about fermented skincare and who can benefit from it.

What Is Fermented Skincare?

Fermented skincare uses micro-organisms such as yeast or bacteria to break down ingredients into smaller molecules or sizes that are more easily absorbed [1].

The ingredients in fermented skin care come from nature, but not all of them are plants.

How Does Fermentation Benefit The Skin?

In addition to the balancing of the microbiome that results from fermentation, there are several other benefits as well, including the creation of new ingredients, the increase in potency, the greater penetration of ingredients into the skin, and the increase in preservation of skincare products.

This can be beneficial to the skin microbiome as fermentation results in probiotics in the form of peptides, acids, and enzymes that can support the skin barrier and reduce the potential for skin inflammation and sensitivity [2].

The Benefits Of Fermented Skincare:

  • It is believed that fermented formulas feed and nourish our skin microbiome, leading to healthier skin.
  • The fermentation process is used as a natural alternative to chemical synthesis in the creation of state-of-the-art active ingredients, thereby making it suitable for sensitive skin types.
  • A fermentation skincare product does not only strengthen the barrier, but it also minimises irritation, nourishes the deep layers, supports collagen synthesis, reduces inflammation, and fights free radicals and sun damage [3].
  • The use of fermented skincare is suitable for all skin types.
  • In addition to increasing the potency of other products, fermented skincare increases their effectiveness.

Fermented Skincare For People With Sensitive Skin

For acne sufferers, fermented skin care can be beneficial since it reduces the risk of irritation and sensitivity caused by some acne-fighting ingredients. For anyone with acne-prone skin, it is crucial that whatever product they are using is non-comedogenic or oil-free [4].

On A Final Note...

Although fermented skin care has been a growing trend for the last few years, there is still very little specific research on it. The claims of fermented skincare need more robust scientific studies and research in order to prove their effectiveness.

It is always recommended to patch-test fermented products to be absolutely sure. Using a small amount of the product, apply to the inside of your elbow or on your neck and check on it one day later. If there is no irritation or itching, you are probably fine.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 22:50 [IST]
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