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Why Is It NOT OKAY To Use Body Lotion On Your Face

The need and importance of moisturising is ever-growing.[1] While in chilly weather of winter, it becomes vital but it is equally important to keep your skin hydrated during the summers as well. And when it comes to keeping the body moist, it seems like a great idea to slather on the leftover lotion on your face and be done. After all, it saves us time and effort of applying the facial moisturiser. And isn't it the same? Both moisturiser and body lotion are adding moisture to the skin. What harm can it do, right? Wrong. Body lotion and moisturisers might look the same to you on the outside, but they are not. Body lotions are different from the facial moisturisers and are not meant to be used on the face.

No matter how much you desire to cut short your skincare routine, there are certain things you shouldn't find the shortcuts for. So, how is body lotion different from a moisturiser and why shouldn't we use the former on the skin? Read on to know.

1. There is a difference in the skin on your face and body

The first reason as to why you shouldn't put body lotions on the face is because the skin on your face and body differs. And thus, they have a different set of requirements and are needed to be dealt with differently. The very first thing is the texture of the skin. The skin on your face is much more delicate and thin as compared to the skin on the rest of your body.

The sebum produced on the facial skin is much more as compared to the rest of your body. The pH, temperature, water loss capacity and the blood flow on the facial and body skin differs.[2] Also, your facial skin is exposed more to the harmful UV rays of the sun and more harsh condition and thus needs to be pampered differently. And thus, using the body lotion on your face doesn't cut the mark.

2. The formulation of body lotion and moisturiser is different

Body lotions and facial moisturisers have different formulation as they target different skin texture and needs. Simply put, body lotion contains harsh chemicals that might be damaging for the facial skin. The main idea behind a facial moisturiser is to improve skin hydration and get rid of dry skin. Furthermore, they protect the skin from sun damage, have anti-ageing benefits and prevent moisture loss from the skin.[3]

Body lotions, on the other hand, are of thick consistency. They add moisture to the skin, protect it and also contain chemicals that help seal the moisture in place. Thus, body lotion is a harsh and heavy formula that is not meant for the delicate skin on the face.[4]

3. It can lead to various skin problems

The facial skin is used faced with issues such as acne, blackheads and blemishes. So, we need products for the skin that are non-comedogenic i.e one that won't clog the skin pores to cause or aggravate these skin issues. Apart from being thicker, body lotions have more fragrance and harsher chemicals in it that can cause clogged pores on the skin and thus damage the facial skin. Moreover, using body lotions on the face can also cause allergies and irritation to the facial skin.

And these were the reasons why you shouldn't use body lotions on the skin. We hope that the next time you have the urge to put the lotion on your face to cut time, you resist that urge to protect your skin from potential damage. And with that, we take your leave.

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