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    Morning Skin Care Mistakes You Need To Immediately Stop Making

    A morning skin care routine is very essential and so is night care routine for that matter. You might not pay attention to your skin and body throughout the day while at work or outside, which is quite understandable and acceptable. But, when it comes to the morning skin care routine, you have to be very careful.

    Speaking about the morning skin care regime, there are several factors you need to consider - like which products to use, which ones can be skipped, which ones are to be avoided completely, and most essentially, how to use these products.

    Morning Skin Care Mistakes

    While all the above-mentioned things are necessary, there might be something you should know - what are the common skin care mistakes you might be making and why is it so important to stop them immediately?

    Morning Skin Care Mistakes You Need To Immediately Stop Making

    1. Not cleansing because you did it the night before?

    Do you too do this? Well, if you have cleansed your face and body the night before as a part of your night skin care routine, you tend to skip it in the morning thinking why should you do it over and over again? Well, you need to stop thinking like that. Cleansing is important in the morning as it is in the night - and it has its own reasons.

    Why? Because throughout the night, oil and bacteria tend to build up on your skin. So, when you skip cleansing - which is an essential part of a morning skin care routine - you basically allow the oil and bacteria to stay on your body.

    2. Using moisturiser only for your face? Think again!

    Oh! Are you really using moisturiser just for your face? If you are, please stop doing it. Always use a hydrating moisturising lotion for your face as well as your body. Your face is not the only thing that needs protection and rejuvenation, right? Your entire body needs to lock its moisture. Therefore, always use a moisturiser from head to toe - a complete package!

    3. Do you use the same towel every day without washing it?

    This is a complete no-no! In fact, this is not at all a hygienic thing to do. And, speaking of skin care, using the same towel every day or for more than a day without washing it, might result in acne breakouts and pimples.

    The reason is quite simple. If you use the same towel as the day before without washing it, the dirt, oil, and the bacteria settled on it might just get transferred to your body again on the second day. What's the use of taking a bath and moisturising your skin then? Give it a thought!

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    4. Too much of anti-ageing serums & creams and that too in the morning?

    Are you using too many anti-ageing products? Stop it right away. We do understand that your skin needs some kind of protection from ageing. But never overdo it. It might just backfire. And, we definitely do not want that, right?

    Moreover, anti-ageing creams are really good for the night as when your body goes into deep slumber, these creams do their work. But, always be careful about what creams you choose for your morning skin care routine.

    Having said that, anti-ageing creams are really not suitable for the morning. Instead, you could use a non-sticky sun protection cream or a hydrating body moisturising lotion. It will keep your skin safe and protect it from dirt, dust, and pollution.

    5. Do you even use a sunscreen? Well, use a little more of it

    Do you use a sunscreen? Well, most of us do. But how much do you use? Like a pinch of it? Well, guess what? You need to increase the quantity a bit more. A pinch of sunscreen lotion will not do any good. To see a difference, you need to take a generous amount of sunscreen (at least one teaspoon full) and apply it on your entire face and neck. You can use it on your hands too.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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