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Did You Know These Amazing Benefits Of Acai Berries For Skin & Hair?

Did you ever think that a small black-coloured round fruit could actually be an amazing skin and hair care ingredient apart from offering a number of health benefits? Well, if you still haven't figured out, we are talking about acai berries!

One of the healthiest fruits you'll ever come across, acai berries, or popularly known as karavand, are native to South America. Rich in antioxidants that keep your skin away from free radicals, vitamins, and minerals, acai berries offer you with a number of skin and hair care benefits. You can either consume them topically or use it in the form of a face mask or a hair mask.

Listed below are some essential benefits of acai berries for skin and hair:

Benefits Of Acai Berries For Skin

Possess anti-ageing properties

As healthy and rare as they are, acai berries are definitely a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. The help to fight free radicals and thus slow down the process of ageing, which is why acai berries are one of the essential ingredients found in anti-ageing creams and serums. Regular usage or consumption of acai berries ensure glowing and radiant skin.

Controls skin pigmentation

One of the important factors that acai berries is known for is its ability to treat hyper-pigmentation.

Moreover, it also treats dark spots and lightens your skin tone.

Prevents acne and pimples

Acai berries are known for treating acne, pimple, and blemishes. They possess anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing a number of skin conditions including acne breakouts.

Lightens scars

Also, acai berries not only help to prevent acne and pimples, it also helps to treat those skin conditions. Moreover, if you have any scars left from acne and pimples, acai berries also work towards eliminating those scars and giving you clear and smooth skin.

Hydrates and nourishes skin

Acai berries are also known to nourish and hydrate your skin in the best possible way. Since your skin is the most sensitive part of your body and prone to wear and tear, it is essential to treat it to the goodness of rich fruits from time to time. And, what could be better than acai berries?

Gives you soft lips

Acai berries not only work for the betterment of your skin, but also for your lips. Regular usage of acai berries gives you soft, supple, hydrated, and pink lips. Acai berries possess moisturising properties that are beneficial for your lips. You can make a homemade lip balm using acai berries or buy one from the market.

Benefits Of Acai Berries For Hair

Acai berries are not only good for your skin, but also for your hair. Listed below are some essential hair care benefits of acai berries:

Strengthens hair follicles

Acai berries help to strengthen your hair follicles and make them stronger, healthier, shinier, and long. The nutrients present in acai berries help to reduce hair fall and hair breakage, thus eliminating the signs of split ends and damaged hair.

Promotes hair growth

Acai berries are also known to promote hair growth as they are rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids along with a wide range of vitamins such as A, B complex, C, and E. All the proteins, nutrients, and vitamins when put together aid in hair growth.

Boosts scalp health

Well, as you all know, for stronger and luscious hair, one needs to have a healthy scalp. Acai berries give you just that. They promote and boost scalp help, thus giving you healthy hair from within. Regular usage of acai berries ensure that the roots of your hair receive the much- needed strength, care, and attention.

Amazing, right? With so many benefits to offer, acai berries totally deserve a place in your skin and hair care routine!

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