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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Waxing Facial Hair

By Tanya Ruia

We all are aware of the hair removal method called "waxing". Who doesn't want a hair-free skin? Everyone of us. We are very well aware of the process of facial hair removal but this might turn out to be a dream come true for someone but a nightmare for someone else.

Waxing looks and sounds normal when it is done on the hands, legs, underarms, etc. but sounds a bit withdrawing when it comes to some rare areas like the face. Facial waxing can be avoided by using alternative methods like bleaching, threading, laser treatments, etc. but some people consider facial waxing over other alternatives to remove the hair from the roots.

But, just like everything, there are pros and cons of facial hair waxing as well.

Let's see what are those pros and cons:

Advantages Of Waxing Facial Hair:

1. The results of waxing last for a longer period of time, say for more than 2 weeks or so depending upon the growth and skin. So, it would take a good interval between the next waxing appointment. You can be beard free for a longer period of time.

2. Great for women who are fed up of an excess of facial hair. Bleaching always doesn't appear as of the same colour as expected and cannot hide a lot of hair. That visible moustache and beard cannot be always covered with alternatives. Waxing can prevent them for a longer period of time.

3. Waxing helps in the smooth growth of the hair, i.e., after waxing when the hair regrows,the growth is soft and smooth unlike the results after shaving. Shaving makes the hair grow hard and thicker whereas waxing uproots the hair and makes the hair grow smooth and soft and also thin.

4. Waxing is consistent, i.e., it guarantees the hair removal within 1-2 go and can be done evenly whereas while shaving, you don't get to know if tiny hair are removed properly or not and also bleach doesn't guarantee an even skin tone and the golden hair tone.

5. Waxing and shaving are both economical and pocket friendly and can be done easily. But, shaving is a bit risky as women are not so prone to shaving like men and it can result in skin cuts, rashes, etc. But waxing is a safer method in this context where there is no fear of cuts. Plus bleaching and laser treatment are expensive.

6. People say that the hair follicles become weak with waxing but do you know that the weakening of the hair follicles actually result in lowering down the hair growth. This might also result in the least facial hair growth. After all the entire motto behind waxing or any hair removal therapy is to obtain a hair-free skin, right?

Facial Hair Removal|चेहरे से अनचाहे बालों को हटाने का आसान तरीका| DIY | BoldSky

Disadvantages Of Waxing Facial Hair:

1. Facial waxing might turn out to be tragic for some people as their sensitive skin might not take it. A lot of women experience rashes, blood patches, irritation, boils, pimples, etc. when they get the facial hair waxed.

2. It is a very painful process as the skin on the face is very sensitive and thinner than the other body parts. Also, the facial skin is considered to be loose as compared to the skin of other body parts. If not done under proper care and supervision, it might turn out to be more painful than it is supposed to be.

3. Sometimes facial waxing leads to blood clots as well resulting in unevenly patchy clots of blood. But, it happens only to a few people. So, before getting facial waxing, consult a dermatologist if your facial skin is ready for it or not.

4. Sometimes, facial waxing doesn't turn out to be successful, i.e., a lot of times it so happens that the hair roots are tight and strong and the hair doesn't get plucked. So, it results in the growth of ingrown hair and the puss-filled boils that are infectious for the skin. So, if the hair doesn't get out in the first or the second attempt, then do not even try for more attempts. Just let it be like that.

5. The struggle doesn't end here. Sometimes the after effects are seen post 24-48 hours of waxing. Some people get rashes, burns, boils, etc. after 24-48 hours as a result and it is infectious. It is believed that after getting facial hair waxed, your skin must not be exposed to dust and harsh weather, otherwise it will get infected and more harm will be done.

So, there is no big deal in wanting a perfect skin, but then there are both the pros and the cons. Before taking any step towards it, kindly check your skin type and then proceed.

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