The Correct Order To Apply Your Skin Care Products

By Somya Ojha

Using skin care products in the right sequence is extremely important for your skin's health and appearance. Even though most of us use the basic skin care products on a daily basis, there are very few of us who do it in the correct order.

Cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer are the beauty products that a majority of us use regularly. These items are essential for maintaining skin's health. However, not applying them in the correct order can make a huge difference.

Today at Boldsky, we're letting you know about the right order in which you should apply your skin care items.

As per the beauty experts, the sequence you follow in the morning is different from the one that you should follow before bed.

how to apply skin care products

Layering the basic skin care products in a proper sequence can help your skin rejuvenate and also look naturally healthy without any makeup.

Moreover, the following order is easy to follow and will hardly take a few minutes of your time. But the result you get will be worth the effort.

So, go ahead and layer your skin like a pro. Read on to learn more about the proper order of applying your skin items.

For Morning


1. Cleanser

The very first thing you do to your skin in the morning is cleanse it thoroughly. Opt for a facial cleanser that suits your skin type and consists of more natural ingredients. Once that is done, pat it dry with a soft and clean towel.


2. Facial Toner

The next skin care product that you should put on your skin is a facial toner. This quick-absorbing beauty product will prep your skin and also make it soft and super supple.


3. Facial Serum

Fast-acting and highly beneficial, a facial serum should be used after using a toner. This beauty item will ensure that your skin stays well-hydrated through the course of the day.


4. Moisturizer Or Sunscreen

After you have applied the aforementioned products, you should slather a little bit of a moisturizer if staying indoors or a sunscreen if going outdoors. Using these products will ensure that your skin stays well-moisturized and protected from the harmful sunrays.


For Night Time

1. Makeup Remover

This is an essential skin care step that you should not give a miss. No matter what, always use a makeup remover at the end of the day to get rid of every single stitch of makeup from your skin. This will help your skin revive itself and also prevent the cosmetics from causing any damage.


2. Cleanser

After you've removed makeup from your skin, you can go ahead and use a facial cleanser. Usage of this skin care product will ensure that your skin gets clean from well under the surface. For best results, try using a chemical-free cleanser.


3. Facial Toner

Right after cleansing, you should put a toner on your face. This beauty product will help your skin's texture become soft and supple through the course of the night. Using a toner is essential for your skin's overall health and beauty.


4. Spot Treatment Product

Spot treatment products can work wonders on conditions like age spots, dark spots, acne scars, etc. Using a spot correcting product right after a toner can enhance its overall effect.


5. Facial Serum

Post using a spot correcting product, you should apply a serum to your facial skin. Either use a store-bought one or just prepare your own. Just dab it all over your skin and leave it there.


6. Eye Cream

This step is essential for women who have dark circles or those who suffer from puffy eyes problem in the morning. Applying an eye cream before going to bed will help the skin in that area revive through the course of the night.


7. Moisturizer

Finally, you should smear a little bit of a light moisturizer to ensure that your skin stays well-moisturized throughout the night. This will help you wake up with soft and fresh-looking skin.

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