10 Beauty Habits That Are Prematurely Ageing Your Skin

By Somya Ojha

Got wrinkles and fine lines on your skin at an early age? If so, then you may want to take a hard look at your skin care habits.

These habits play a huge role in your skin's appearance and its overall health. Practicing the right habits can enhance your skin's beauty. On the other hand, practicing the wrong ones can prematurely age your skin.

In case you're wondering what those habits are, we've got you covered. As today, at Boldsky, we've zeroed in on the worst beauty habits that can speed up your skin's ageing process.

Beauty Habits That Are Prematurely Ageing Your Skin

These habits can negatively affect your skin's elasticity and lead to collagen breakdown. As a result, you may start seeing wrinkles and fine lines on your skin earlier than you thought.

Other than making you conscious of your appearance, these ageing signs can also make you rely on makeup items to hide the imperfections.

All you need to do is break the below-stated beauty habits to fend off premature signs of ageing from appearing early.

Take a look at them here:


1. Skipping Sunscreen

Skipping sunscreen is one of the most common factors that causes premature ageing of skin. This happens because of exposure to the harsh UV rays, which can damage your skin from inside out, thereby causing unsightly conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, etc.


2. Picking Zits

Picking zits often results into inflammation and scarring. Even though this habit can give you temporary relief from unsightly zits, it can cause severe permanent damage to your skin and speed its overall ageing process.


3. Not Removing Your Makeup

Most of us dread the lengthy process of removing makeup at the end of the day and few of us skip it from time to time. However, not removing makeup is a beauty habit that can cause severe damage to your skin. It can cause collagen breakdown that can make your skin age faster.


4. Poor Cleansing Routine

Improper cleansing is something that can cause temporary as well as permanent damage to your skin. In a short term, it can lead to unsightly breakouts; while in the long term, it can have a negative impact on your skin's elasticity and collagen levels.


5. Using Hot Or Cold Water

Using hot water for skin cleansing purposes can leave it feeling dry and dehydrated. On the other hand, using icy cold water can leave your skin pores open and prone to damage by the impurities present in the air. Regular usage of hot or cold water can lead to collagen breakdown in your skin, thereby causing premature signs of ageing. Instead, just use lukewarm water to promote your skin's health.


6. Over Exfoliation Of The Skin

Though exfoliation is essential for sloughing off the dead skin cells and toxins, overdoing it can strip your skin off of its natural oil. This, in turn, can make your skin more prone to damage and also have a negative impact on your skin's elasticity.


7. Using Too Much Makeup

This is another beauty habit that can rob your skin off of its youthful glow. Most of the makeup items are infused with harsh chemicals that can slowly damage your skin's health and also speed up its ageing process.


8. Picking The Wrong Skin Products

Do you randomly pick up skin care products? If so, then you need to break this beauty habit to prevent your skin from ageing faster. It is crucial to pick up beauty products as per your skin type to avoid any infection or side effect. And regular usage of wrong skin products can lead to collagen breakdown in your skin, thereby causing premature signs of ageing.


9. Skipping Night-time Skin Care Routine

During night, your skin revives and rejuvenates itself. However, if you sleep with even a single layer of dirt on your skin, then it can lead to unsightly skin conditions and negatively impact your skin's elasticity. To avoid that, just follow a proper night-time skin care routine on a daily basis.


10. Neglecting Your Under-eye Skin

The skin around and under your eyes is thin and sensitive. Not taking a proper care of it can speed up the ageing process and cause prominent wrinkles. So, stop neglecting your under-eye skin to ensure that it does not make you appear older than you actually are.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 17:06 [IST]
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