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Pre-Wedding Beauty Checklist For Brides-To-Be

By Kripa Chowdhury

Once the wedding date is fixed, there's so much to think about!! The D-day, the venue, the guests, the reception, the food and so on.

But all of these can be taken care of by the families and friends. The one thing that none can help and is solely on the bride is - her looks, style, and persona on the wedding ceremony. Professionals, relatives, and friends can put in their views, but the final take is on the bride.

The decision a bride takes about her looks, makeup, dress, cosmetics, etc., together compose her on the wedding day. Thus, in the pre-wedding session, the checklist for brides is long. Soon-to-be brides should invest enough time such that all their beauty-related requirements are in place before the wedding and they put up a stunning look on the wedding day.

Going haphazard in the bridal to-dos is very common and usual. Here, every bride should keep calm and ensure that her bridal checklist is getting in shape one after the other. To help with this, here we have listed the most common bridal to-dos that need to be done during the pre-wedding session.

If all of these are executed one after the other, the bride can be rest assured to look her best during the wedding ceremony.


Learn Your Skin Type

Start from the basics. Do not do a guess work. Learn what kind of skin you have - dry, oily, sensitive or mixed? Based on this, you can plan your wedding makeup, cosmetics to buy and also, decide on your makeup artist and likewise. During the wedding, you might have to leave your favourite brands and try new ones. So, until you know what your skin type is, there is no way how you can figure out the rest.


Visit A Dermatologist

With internet delivering all possible content, you may think of doing your bridal preparation there itself. While shopping and contacting wedding vendors is possible - the bridal beauty care regimen cannot really happen based on the internet. Here the recommendation is, go to a dermatologist and consult your problems mentioning the time you have in hand. Treating skin problems medically is the healthiest way of getting rid of it. Dermatologists can also help you in fixing beauty-related issues and other relevant services.


Pick A Makeup Artist And Hairstylist

As your wedding will knock on the door, relatives and neighbours will turn up suggesting they will do your bridal makeup or hair. Just don't believe anyone other than a professional. Be very picky while judging the beauty professionals with their prior works and samples. Whether you want the same person to do your hair and face or two different people is also a big thing to think about during pre-wedding days.


Chant The Mantra – CTM

The signature beauty care tip that no would-be bride should miss is "CTM", which stands for, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Once the date is fixed, this should be started and maintained at least twice till the wedding day finally arrives. For CTM, go for good products that create a difference to your skin and ensure that the results are visible. CTM is better if a cleanup or facial is arranged after this, on a weekly basis at the salon.


Prepare Your Own Set Of Natural Beauty Products

As the wedding nears, would-be brides become common faces in beauty stores doing so much shopping in their every visit. How about not heading to the beauty stores and trying to resolve with natural ingredients that are available in the kitchen or garden? Simple recipes and hacks can prepare wonderful beauty products that make wonders to the skin. So, before buying the colourful boxes and bottles - just, prepare your own set of natural beauty products and apply them repeatedly.


Extra Focus On The Hands And Feet

In an attempt to get a glowing skin, the hands and feet are usually missed. Pamper your hands and feet equally with periodic manicure and pedicure sessions at the salon. There are many wedding rituals in India, where the bride's feet and hands come in focus. Hence, keeping it clean and beautiful is important during the pre-wedding days. To do this, even homemade natural recipes can be followed.


Give A Thought To Bikini Waxing

The wish for a bikini waxing is very common for all brides; but most of them go wrong in this. They plan the bikini waxing right before the wedding, which makes it painful at the last moment. How about doing some bikini waxing during the pre-wedding days only? This will let your sensitive parts learn about the process of waxing and also, eradicate the scope of last-minute blunder. For bikini waxing, head to trustworthy big fat named parlours only.


Select Your Beauty Range

Now, when it comes to your life's most special occasion, how about treating your body with the best of cosmetics, makeups, perfumes and so on? Go for the most elite brands and ensure you make your orders in advance, so that they reach in time. Do some research and shortlist your requirements to make the best beauty shopping. You can ask your friends or stylist for help as well. However, if you opt for a new brand, make sure it suits your needs and does not do a blunder on the final D-day.


Pamper Your Hair

Along with skin care, make sure that you pay enough attention to your hair as well. A good look is known to be complete only when you have a good hairstyle to go with it. To pamper your hair, start with oiling, massaging, shampooing and then move to the salon for a good hair spa.These beauty treatments during your pre -wedding days will keep you happy and add to your glow.


Discuss With Your Groom

Lastly, you have a new member who will be a patient listener to whatever you have to say. Why not discuss the beauty regimen with your soon-to-be husband as well? It is true that men do not like beauty discussions; but you could have those short ones, and take his suggestion. This will let both of you know each other's choices and make the beauty shopping simpler.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 11:12 [IST]
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