Mistakes To Avoid While Using Wet Wipes

By: Rima Chowdhury

Do you use face wipes? Well, I am a hardcore fan of face wipes and always make it a point to keep it in my hand bag. Face wipes help to freshen up your face easily and also help to pull out the dirt accumulated on the upper layer of the skin without any extra efforts.

Using face wipes isn't a difficult task but there are a few mistakes that we always commit while using these wipes. There are a few little things to be taken care of while using face wipes.

Here's exactly how you should use and what you should avoid while using face wipes the next time.


1. Avoid wiping too hard

Many of you might believe, wiping your face too hard or applying too much pressure on the skin can help to pull out the dirt and toxins easily. Rubbing your skin aggressively will give you a clear and glowing skin - is a myth and should be avoided at any cost. You should apply medium pressure and use the wipes in the downward direction to get rid of the dirt easily. If you have any pimples or acne, be careful while using wipes to prevent irritation.


2. Using face wipes against the waterline of eyes

One important thing you should remember while using face wipes is avoid gliding the wipes over this delicate area. Gliding directly over this delicate area is a no-no. If you want to take care of the area around the eyes with the help of wipes, gently wipe the upper lid with the help of face wipes and then work from the inside corner to the outward. Finish the process by gently moving towards the brows and forehead.


3. Focusing on the centre of the face

Most people tend to focus on the centre of their face because they believe this area is filled with foundation, blush, primer and dust. However, you should remember that your BB cream, your foundation, your primer are still lingering around the hairline which may result in breakouts after some time. While using face wipes, you should make sure that you clean the complete face thoroughly and also pay attention towards the hairline.


4. Keeping your packet open

While you remove a single wipe from the packet, make sure you wrap the packet properly so that the rest of the wipes do not dry out. Be sure to seal the package from the top and put it in a plastic bag or store them in a cool place. Using dry wipes are of no use on your face.


5. Pay attention to your jaw line

Most of the time you tend to ignore the chin area thinking that there is no makeup or dust lingering on your jaw line. However, remember that the makeup and foundation you have applied on the face typically blends below the chin to give a flawless and seamless effect. Don't forget to cleanse that area as it generally leads to clogged pores and breakouts.


6. Use wipes according to the situation

While you are travelling, it is okay to use facial wipes but it is equally important to wash your face properly with water or mild face wash once you reach home. Most people use facial wipes while working out at the gym or even at home which may actually lead to accumulation of dead skin cells easily. This should be limited and the use of wipes should be according to the situation.


7. Wiping your eyes in the end

Wiping your eyes after you have wiped the rest of the face with the same facial wipes is the biggest mistake you can ever commit. To prevent bacteria and gunk from getting into your eyes, make sure the part of the wipe that you're using on them is completely clean. It is always good to fold the wipe and use one section for wiping the face and the other section should be used to clean the area around the eyes. It is always good to clean the eye area first and then clean the face.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 18:00 [IST]
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