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Men's Skin Care: Tips To Look Younger In Appearance

Though men don't admit it often, they do make sure to hide their actual age and would like to appear years younger, just like the women folk do.

Age is not revealed by looks and to hide it, the right way is to portray an improved physical appearance. Men, improve your physical appearance now with these skincare tips that are easy to execute and actually work.

These skincare tips for age concealing are not miracles and hence, you need to observe them diligently in order to make them work on your skin.

Take a look at the suggested skincare tips and to-dos by the Boldsky beauty experts, which can help reduce your ageing signs and make you appear dapper and dashing instead.


Say No To Nose And Ear Hair

Nose hair and ear hair are a no-no for men aiming to look young. At home or in the salon, use a tweezer and ensure it's trimmed, exactly like your hair or eyebrows. Ear hair or nose hair can extend your age, ten times! Hence, one of the ways to cut on the age factor is trimming the nose and ear hair regularly.


Pamper Your Skin

Most men neglect their skin and the result is, dull, flaky, itchy and rough skin. With age, you have to pamper your skin such that it appears nourished and well groomed. The first way to pamper men's skin is moisturizing it regularly. Next, cleansing and toning twice to three times in a week can be added in beauty care routine of men, to cut down on the present age.


Control Your Dark Circles

Men also get dark circles, which makes them look older. There are many ways to get rid of dark circles. You can treat it at home with potato or cucumber slices. Or, you can head to the dermat and get professional help. However, ensure that the dark circles disappear over time, if you really intend to cut on your age.


Count Down On The Sunscreen

Whether you have dark or fair skin, you have got to protect your skin from tanning. The moment your skin tans, your age goes up by years. To ensure that no skin tan happens, men can apply sunscreen every day before heading to work. Sunscreen should be applied on the skin all 365 days, in order to protect it and moisturize it as well.


Cure Your Bacne

The age of men rises up if they have bacne. Though mostly covered by clothes, still men should treat their bacne if they want to look younger. Bacne can be treated with home remedies. Usually, bacne, like any other acne, is stubborn on the man's skin and it takes time to go off completely. However, it's true that men without bacne appear to be more younger and dapper.


Manage Your Moustache Along With Facial Hair

Facial hair has a critical role when it comes to age. For men, other than beard and moustache, there can be facial hair. Men must trim and ensure non-visibility of facial hair. Also, men with moustache should not let their moustache grow beyond the upper lip line.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 23, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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