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2 Two-ingredient DIY Skin Moisturisers For Oily Skin

By Kripa

Any extreme skin type is a curse and only if you have oily skin, you will know the troubles associated with it. Whatever you apply, the skin starts giving back in the form of oil and sebum. At the end, you look greased, tired and unpleasant. For some oil secretion is so high, that the only remedy is a face wash. In hourly gaps, people with extremely oily skin go for a face wash yet remain disturbed with their skin.

Well, the problems with oily skin can only be solved with the right skin treatments.
The foremost and primary skincare treatment that can be executed on oily skin is, moisturisation. Those who think, due to oil secretion, oily skin does not need moisturisation, are wrong. Men and women with oily skin must moisturise their skin and that's the foremost to-do or primary skincare activity that they should do at home.

However, for oily skin, the skin moisturisers must contain humectant ingredients which are majorly unavailable in make-up stores. Thus, it is highly recommended that men and women with oily skin prepare their skin moisturisers at home following the below recipes.
These two-ingredient DIY skin moisturisers contain humectant ingredients which benefit their skin. They are composed of two ingredients only, which make it quick and easy to prepare, right at home.

Two-ingredient DIY Skin Moisturiser Recipe I

  • 1/2 small cup of raw milk
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

In a bowl, mix the milk and oil first. You will need at least 15 minutes to mix the two completely. Just keep stirring slow and patiently till the oil dissolves in the milk. When the two are well mixed, your first two-ingredient DIY skin moisturiser is prepared. This can be applied during bedtime or right after a bath, when the skin is soft and damp. Additionally, you can squeeze a lemon in this DIY moisturiser, though that's optional.

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Two-ingredient DIY Skin Moisturizer Recipe II

  • One cup of rose petals
  • Rose water

Boil a glass of water. In the boiling water, add the rose petals and let them boil for 45 minutes. You should do this on a low flame. Once done, turn off the gas and put 10 drops of rose water in the mixture. Let the mixture cool down. Strain the liquid mixture and your moisturiser is ready. As it's very watery, use a cotton pad to apply this on your skin. Additionally, aloe vera gel can be added to this DIY skin moisturiser for oily skin.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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