Baby Products You Need In Your Beauty Regime, NOW!

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Baby skincare products don't just smell nice, they are great for your skin as well. So, here are some baby products that you need in your beauty regime, and now.

Baby products are specifically formulated to be gentle and safe to use on the sensitive skin of babies. And if it is indeed good enough to use on babies, it must be good for us adults as well, right?

Baby skincare products are really gentle to use and are good even for people who have really sensitive skin. These products work well if you have an acne or eczema-prone skin. For starters, baby shampoo can give you the softest hair of your life!

So, the nest time you're doubtful while shopping for skincare products, just head to the baby aisle, and pick up your beauty essentials from there. We are sure your beauty routine will never be the same again. Trust us, we have become absolute fans of the baby skincare products and that too with a good reason!

Here are some baby skincare products that you NEED to add to your beauty regime, now.


1. Baby Powder:

This soft and beautiful-smelling powder can have many benefits. If your hair is too greasy and you're not in the mood to shampoo, sprinkle on some baby powder to your scalp and it'd soak up the oil almost immediately. Another thing you can do with baby powder is to coat your lashes with it before applying mascara to get longer, fuller lashes.


2. Baby Soap:

If you run out of face wash, definitely opt for baby soap instead of any other soap. Other soaps can be a little too harsh to be used on the face. On the other hand, baby soap cleans your face without taking away too much of the moisture from the skin.


3. Baby Shampoo:

Wash your hair with baby shampoo and you'd have softer, smoother hair that is left smelling as sweet as a little baby. Baby shampoo also alternates as a really good makeup brush-cleansing liquid, as it is so gentle.


4. Baby Toothbrush:

Baby toothbrushes have softer bristles than other toothbrushes, and that is why you can use one to exfoliate your lips. Just scrub your lips with the toothbrush and you'd be left with pink, soft lips.


5. Diaper Rash Cream:

Diaper rash cream makes for a great lip moisturiser. Yes, you heard that right! This will get rid of cracks on your lips really fast! And it is a must-use skincare baby product.


6. Baby Lotion:

And if you can't find a good moisturiser around, just go for the good old baby lotion and you'll be sorted. This is gentle and absorbent enough to be used on the face any time, day or night. It does not even make your skin greasy. With so many plus points, who'd not want to use these baby products for daily beauty regime, right?

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 11:02 [IST]
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