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Winter Moisturising Mistakes You're Making

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Winter is the season of fruits and vegetables. It is the time of Christmas and parties. But, everything can be ruined, if you don’t take good care of your health during winter, as this season can wreak havoc on your health.

Cough and cold, dust allergies, viral fever are all perils of the winter season. If you combat all these difficulties, still there is something that many of you ignore and that is your skin.

Winter is the season when you need to take effective measures to protect your skin from the rough wind and glaring sun. Many people think that applying moisturiser is the only solution to have a glowing skin in winter.

But, there are several moisturising mistakes that you are unknowingly making in a winter season. As a result, you get greasy and dull skin throughout the season.

One of the most common skin care mistakes in winter is to apply cups of moisturiser without knowing your skin type.

What other moisturising mistakes are you making in winter? Do you have an oily skin type? Then you may think that moisturisers are for dry skin only. You’re getting it wrong, buddies.

The natural oil can’t protect your face from being dry this time. Hence, youneed to apply creams. Here are some skin care mistakes in winter you generally do. Check it out:


1. Not Applying A Moisturiser:

This is the most extreme moisturising mistakes you are making this winter. Moisturisers are needed to make a shield over your skin to protect it from the dry wind of winter. If you skip this step, your skin will look dull and get cracked and chapped.


2. Applying Too Much Moisturiser:

Confusing, right? Actually, if you use too much creams, your skin can become dependent on it. So, it becomes lazy to produce sebum that is necessary for your skin. Consequence? You get a dull and tired skin without any glow.


3. Not Applying Moisturiser On An Oily Skin:

What are the skin care mistakes in winter you do, generally? People with an oily skin have a misconception that applying creams can only make their skin more greasier.

The reality is just the opposite. If you don't apply a moisturiser, your skin will produce more sebum to keep it moisturised.


4. Ignoring The ‘Tough’ Parts:

This is one of the most usual moisturising mistakes that you are making in winter. You think your face only needs moisturisers. What about your elbows, knees and ankles?

These are the parts which are more rough and cracked during winter. If you don't keep those areas soft, these areas can crack to bleed.


5. Not Exfoliating:

If you go on applying moisturisers, your skin won't get a chance to breathe. Moreover, dirt and pollution with dead skin cells make a layer on your skin to clog pores and create acne, blind pimples, etc.

Regular exfoliation is very necessary to wash off the dirty layer and retain the natural glow.


6. Not Using A Proper Cream:

If you're thinking of moisturising mistakes you are making this winter, check out if you're doing this one. The skin texture of your face is different from your whole body. You can't use a face cream on your body or vice versa.


7. Not Treating Your Lips Well:

Chapped lips look irritating, right? What do you do to treat it? Using lipsticks is not the only solution, as the chemicals in these can worsen the situation. Hence, you have to apply petroleum jelly and exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 10, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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