Ways To Protect Your Skin From Pollution

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Pollution is one of those things that no one can really avoid, especially in the metropolitans of India. But, alas, like most things, the pollution tends to affect our skin as well. But thankfully there are some ways to protect the skin from pollution.

Sometimes, having to deal with pollution is inevitable, especially if your day requires you to be outside a lot. So, you would have to take special care and must make sure that the pollution does not get to your skin.

Believe it or not, pollution is often the main culprit in making the skin age faster or even when it comes to getting spots on your face. In order to minimise the damage caused by pollution, you must take a few steps.

This is especially true for people who live in the metropolitan cities. Does that mean you must avoid going out in the peak hours? No, because we all know that is really impossible.

Good skin requires a little bit of attention, so follow these tips to protect your skin from the pollution. It is not as impossible as it seems!


1. Carry A Face Wash:

Put a travel-sized face wash in your bag. Wash your face any time during the day. This works a lot better than if you carry wet wipes with you.


2. Face Mist:

To feel fresh during the day, carry a face mist with you. Thermal water sprays are really good for this purpose and they hydrate the skin better when you're on the go. It is like a moisturiser and toner in one product.


3. Sunscreen:

Ways to protect the skin from pollution includes this crucial product. Your sunscreen needs to be reapplied every few hours once if you are spending a lot of time in the outdoors. Make sure it is of an SPF level of 30 or above. The sun increases free radicals in your skin, which makes ageing signs to appear faster.


4. Lip Balm:

This one goes without saying, carry a lip balm with you at all times, as your lips need more hydration than your face does. It would be best if you went for one with SPF in it.


5. Exfoliate:

To negate all the damage done on your skin during the day, scrub your face at the end of the day. This helps remove all the dirt that planted itself on your face during the day.


6. Drink Water:

Keeping yourself hydrated on the inside is the most important step to making sure you protect your skin from the pollutants. That's how to protect skin from the pollution.


7. Hand Cream:

Your hands tend to be neglected a lot when it comes to moisturisation. No one wants old and ugly-looking hands, so carry a tiny tube of hand cream with you to protect your skin from pollution.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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