Ways To Lift Your Eyes Post 30

By: Rima Chowdhury

Eyes are one of the most delicate and attractive parts of a woman's face that never go unnoticed. Woman over 30's often suffer the problem of appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. Just looking at the eyes of a person, an individual can judge his age.

If you are the one who is concerned about the under eye area, here are several ways to make your eyes look younger instantly.

Check out few easy tips to lift your eyes immediately.


1. Prep The Under-eye Area

You need to prep the under-eye area using a moisturiser. You should choose a non-greasy and light textured moisturiser and apply it to the under-eye area. According to the experts, it is said that you should look for a moisturiser that has natural antioxidants that will help to fight ageing signs and also perk up your eyes.


2. Keep Your Brows Update

If eyes are the window to your soul, brows are the ones who make them look attractive. To make your eyes look good, beautiful and younger, you should keep your brows in shape. Go threading frequently and avoid getting thin eyebrows. Thick eyebrow looks good and makes your eyes look attractive.


3. Fill In Your Eyebrow

If you don't have a fuller eyebrow, you can fill in the gaps with powder or use an eyebrow pencil to do that. Fuller eyebrows and not finer brows will make your eyes look more lifted. Look out for a proper shape of the eyebrow that suits your face cut.


4. Minimize The Use Of Shadow

If your eyes look dull and tired due to your growing age, it is essential to avoid too much eye shadow. Dab some concealer powder under your eyes which will help to minimize shadows and eye sagging. You should choose a concealer with water base or moisturiser, so that it does not make the skin look dry and flaky.


5. Avoid Dark Eyeliners

Avoid using dark liners to enhance your eyes because makeup at 20 is not the same as the makeup you'd require in 30's or 50's. Coloured eyeliners with a smokey effect look great when you are at the age of 20 and not more than that. You should use an eyeliner that has light pigment because it will make your eyes look wider and less inflamed.


6. Avoid Dark Colours

When opting for shades in makeup, make sure you avoid dark colours as much as possible. When you are 30 in age, dark colours should have no place in your makeup box. Dark colours are the one which can make your wrinkles and fine lines appear louder and deeper. Instead of them, try to use a light colour or a shimmer base colour.


7. Eyeshadow With The Right Tone

When applying eyeshadow, you will need to moisturise your eye perfectly. If you put a darker colour in the crease and a lighter colour over the lid, this will help to create an effect that will make your eyes look younger, bigger and attractive as well.


8. Brush

Using makeup brushes are a must when you are above the age of 30 because there are chances that extra powder stays behind on the skin. You should flake away from the excess powder with the help of a brush. Try to stay natural as much as possible. Using too much makeup can make your skin look artificial, cakey and awful.


9. Curl Your Lashes Upward

To complete the look, you should apply a little mascara and curl your eyelashes. It is said that curling your lash upwards can help to hide the wrinkles near the upper eyelid.

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