Top 10 Reasons Behind Dark Circles

By: Ajanta Sen
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Nobody wants to have a raccoon-like eyes. We all want to have a soft, bright and younger-looking skin around our eyes. However, a majority of the people suffer from dark circles, which make them feel very depressed.

Dark circles not only diminish your beauty, but also make you look sick. Dark circles can be bluish black in colour and they occur under your eyes.

These ugly dark patches can make you look tired, older, sad and stressed out.

It is a myth that dark circles can occur only after a particular age. This is completely wrong, as they can occur to you at any age.

Dark circles can also appear under your eyes the next morning after studying or working on the computer throughout the night.

There can be various reasons for having under-eye dark circles. However, do you really know what are the reasons that can cause these terrible dark circles?

In order to enlighten you about the same, here are top 10 reasons behind why dark circles appear; and by knowing them, you will also be able to put a stop to those ugly black patches: Have a read.



The skin all-around your eyes is very fragile; and as you become old, your skin starts getting thinner. A thinner skin makes your blood vessels look more prominent and noticeable.


Lack Of Sleep And Tiredness

Insufficient sleep is also one of the 10 reasons behind dark circles under your eyes. Inadequate sleep results in a pale skin, which makes the dark circles look more visible.

Thus, make sure that you get an undisturbed sleep of at least eight hours each night.


Hormonal Changes

During the various phases of pregnancy, after pregnancy and the menstruation cycle can trigger many hormonal changes in your body. Hormonal changes along with an array of lifestyle changes can also lead to stress, which can result in under-eye dark circles.


Unhealthy Practices

One of the 10 reasons behind dark circles is alcohol consumption and excessive smoking. Moreover, everyone knows that boozing and smoking both are risky for your well-being.

Thus, you must avoid these to prevent dark circles and also stay away from the caffeinated beverages.


Not Taking Out The Eye Makeup

Make sure you remove your eye makeup every night before dozing off. Use a nice cleanser to clean the skin around your eyes, and thereafter apply a mild moisturiser.

Also, apply an eye gel to calm your eyes during your sleep.



Dehydration is also one of the 10 reasons for getting dark circles early in life. Make sure to gulp down at least 7-8 glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration, which can lead to under-eye dark circles.


Lack Of Nutrition

Lack of nutrition can also be one of the reasons behind the pesky under-eye dark circles. Thus, make sure to incorporate nutritional foods (that are full of vital nutrients and vitamins) into your daily diet to avert the appearance of dark circles.



Studies have revealed the fact that dark circles are genetic in nature and can be passed on to the next generations.



Beauty products are used to enhance your beauty; however, they contain harsh chemicals. Excess use of cosmetics can also result in the appearance of dark circles around your eyes.



Stress is also one of the 10 reasons behind dark circles. Thus, always try to be stress-free in order to avoid dark circles.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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