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Things That Flare Up Acne Instantly

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Hormones aren't the only thing to blame for those pesky pimples. There are various other things that can trigger the growth of acne. These can be anything from foods to wrong lifestyle habits.

In this article, we've shared info on some of the things that can flare up acne instantly.

The excess sebum on the skin mixes with the dead skin cells and both these in turn form a plug in the follicle, which bulges outwards, creating a whitehead or a pimple.

Though, certainly, there are a few reasons like genetics that we cannot change, yet there are some everyday habits that can easily be avoided like having junk food, not following a proper hygiene, etc.

Different things like listening to music while you work or handling your phone often can also cause acne. There are many other reasons that can cause acne. So, read on to know more about these factors that can cause acne.

Find out more about these acne-triggering agents that you need to avoid instantly.



Unhealthy diet equals to unhealthy skin. Foods like white rice, breads, pasta, cookies, cake, soda, chips, etc, can trigger acne instantly. Instead, stick to lean proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fresh fruits and veggies for a glowing, radiant skin.


Lovemaking Session

This is something that everyone ignores. When the face oils intermingle with some saliva in a mix, boom there is a zit! The pressure from the throes of passion mash the sebum deeper into the pores to clog them and cause acne.


Your Toothpaste

Using fluoridated toothpastes can cause a common condition known as perioral dermatitis. This is often seen as small acne-like bumps around the mouth, nose and even sometimes around the eyes.


Beauty Swag

Studies reveal that if you choose thicker hand creams and touch your face all the time, you are more likely to notice whiteheads, especially around the chin region.



The pharmacy in your cabinet can be a cause of acne too. Lithium and steroids can be the culprits for the sudden outburst of acne. So, avoid taking those regularly.


Your Pillowcase

One needs to make sure that they change their pillow covers weekly. The swirling old oil and bacteria around on your face can do the damage. If this is not done, there are many chances of acne outbursts.

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