10 Herbal Masks To Remove Upper Lip Hair

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Threading upper lip hair? Yes, it is mind-numbingly painful! Using scalding hot wax? It can feel like someone is peeling your skin off!

What if we say there are herbal masks for upper lip hair that will take care of fur-fine moustache minus the pain?

upper lip hair

Hairy arms can be hidden behind long sleeve T-shirts, stubbly legs can be camouflaged behind a perfect pair of jeans, but not upper lip hair!

It is out there for the world to see, and it is embarrassing to say the least.

With these natural remedies we are going to list out, you can effectively put behind your parlor hopping days!

Fact check: Unless you are blessed with some miraculous genes, every single girl out there gets upper lip hair removed, only the level of intensity varies.

Threading though gets the job done in a jiffy, overtime it can make the skin turn loose or cause discolouration.

Waxing, on the other hand, can burn your sensitive facial skin!

Comparatively, herbal masks for upper lip hair are safe, easy and show slow but noticeable difference. Take a look at some of them which have been listed below.


Milk + Turmeric
Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder, with a required amount of milk to get a paste-like consistency. Apply it above your lips. Wait till it dries. Scrub rigorously and rinse. Repeat this process, every day, until the growth diminishes with time.


Mix 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon of cornstarch powder and sugar. Whip until you get a sticky liquid. Apply it on to your upper lip area. Wait till it dries completely, then peel it off.


Sugar + Lemon
Take a teaspoon of sugar, add ½ a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric. In a low flame, heat the ingredients together until the sugar melts. Allow the solution to cool. Then, apply it to the upper lip area, and when dry, scrub and rinse.

rice flour

Rice Flour + Yogurt
Another herbal ingredient for upper lip hair is rice flour. Take a teaspoon of rice powder, mix it with an equal amount of yogurt. Apply it above your lips. Wait till it dries fully. Then, start scrubbing rigorously, focussing on area with hair. Rinse it with plain water.


Potato Juice
Peel, grate and extract the juice of 1 potato. Apply it on to your upper lips. Let it sit overnight. Rinse it in the morning. Try this herbal mask for upper lip hair every night to see a visible difference.


Papaya + Turmeric
Mash 1 ripe papaya into pulp. Add in a pinch of turmeric. Apply a thin coat on to the upper lip area. Let it sit till it dries. Then, scrub it in the direction of hair growth and rinse. Other than reducing hair growth overtime, this Ayurvedic remedy for upper lip hair will bleach the fine hair.

green gram

Green Gram
Take a teaspoon of green gram powder, mix in a few drops of lemon juice and add arequired amount of rose water to get a smooth paste. Apply it on to the affected area. Wait till it dries, then rinse.

brown sugar

Brown Sugar
Take 1 cup of brown sugar, with two tablespoons of water. Melt the ingredients together. When the consistency is sticky, turn off the flame. Let the mixture cool down until it is tepid warm and not scalding. Using a spatula, apply the wax on your upper lip. Immediately, press a thin waxing strip. Pull it in one swift motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

channa dal

Channa Dal Flour
Take a teaspoon of channa dal powder, add a pinch of turmeric; and using milk, whip it into paste. Apply the herbal mask on the upper lip area, wait till it dries and then scrub it and rinse.

spear mint

Spearmint Tea
Yet another tip on how to remove upper lip hair naturally is with the use of spearmint tea. Spearmint tea has strong antioxidants, and sipping this tea every day has proven to show considerable reduction in body hair growth.

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