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Skin Benefits Of An Apple Facial

By: Debdatta Mazumder

"An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". All of you are quite familiar with this phrase. Actually, the benefits of an apple are huge. Not only for health, but people are also using apples in their beauty treatments.

Apple is one of those fruits, which you can consume with its peel; and the peel has enormous benefits along with the flesh. Now, when you eat something, it treats you from the inside.

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And when you apply it anywhere, the ingredient can concentrate on that special part and heal your problem faster.

There are a lot of skin benefits of an apple facial. From rejuvenating your skin to removing wrinkles and crow feet from your skin, apple is multi-talented.

So, what are the benefits of an apple facial mask? As apple is a rich source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and copper, respectively, it can make your skin healthy from the inside and glorious from the outside.

Use of an apple in beauty treatments is nothing new. It has been mentioned in the old Ayurvedic manuscripts. Also, you can find an apple as the primary beauty ingredient in various other books and documents.

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So, overall, it can be said that skin benefits of an apple facial are numerous. You can use grated apple to make a pack or use apple juice as a toner.

Listed here are some of the beauty benefits of different apple facial masks. Read on to know more.


1. Benefits Of An Apple Curd Mask:

While looking for skin benefits of an apple facial, you should consider this as an important one. If you oily skin, this is the best mask you can try. While apple controls the excessive secretion of the sebaceous gland, curd makes your skin brighter.


2. Benefits Of An Apple Paste:

You can also apply grated apple or apple paste directly on to your skin to get the utmost benefits. Apple is rich in antioxidants, and these objects protect you from the cell damage and also prevent the growth of free radicals. Applying it as a beauty care ingredient can actually build a shield.


3. Benefits Of An Apple & Banana Mask:

Are you looking for the ultimate benefits of an apple facial mask? Then, here you can get the maximum benefits by using these two super fruits. This mask will revitalise your skin and make your skin smoother, softer and clearer.


4. Benefits Of An Apple & Glycerin Pack:

Are you suffering from dry skin? Does it become worse during the winter season? Then, you need this pack more than anything else. Apple can smoothen your skin, while glycerin is there to moisturise it effectively.


5. Apple Mask For Sun Protection:

You may be surprised, but Braeburn apples contain UVB-protecting components. It can give you an extra protection when you have to spend a lot of time under the sunrays. If you have an outdoor event to attend to, apply the juice all over your body and wash after 15 minutes. Don't forget to apply a sunscreen.


6. Apple Facial For An Instant Glow:

This is one of the vital skin benefits of an apple facial. Do you have a party to attend tonight? Then, make a pack with some grated apple and pomegranate juice and apply it on the skin. This pack is a powerhouse of antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-ageing properties.


7. Apple Facial To Treat Pigmentation:

You must have seen certain pigmentation marks on the skin. This can give rise to an uneven skin tone. Hence, using an apple in the face pack can help maintain the melanin production of the skin. So, this is definitely one of the best skin benefits of an apple facial.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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