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7 Unknown Side Effects Of Getting Facials

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Your friend's wedding is round the corner and you are all set to make yourself look your best for the event.

Getting the outfits ready, buying new shoes and makeup, getting your hair done and not to mention, the 'wedding special' facials!

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Well, most of us head to the saloons and get facials done, before we attend certain special events.

We believe that facials add a glow to our complexion and make our skin look soft and clear.

It is said that facials can help us get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes present on our skin.

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A facial treatment usually involves cleansing, exfoliating, toning, bleaching and the removal of blackheads.

Once you step into a saloon, you will see a number of facial options, for example, fruit facials, gold facials, herbal facials, you name it and you can get them done instantly!


1. Irritation

Sometimes, the solutions, creams, etc, that are used for facials come with a high concentration of chemicals, which can be very harsh on your skin. They may damage your skin cells, leading to irritation and itching.


2. Blotchy Skin

Since facials involve exfoliation and scrubbing, getting them done on a regular basis can eliminate the moisture present in your skin and also damage the outer layer of your skin, making your complexion look uneven and blotchy.


3. Redness

Certain chemicals used during facials may be too strong or may not suit your skin type, thereby leading to redness, swelling and inflammation on the skin.


4. Acne

Many people have noticed that they develop acne and pimples after facials, as facials can open up the pores and stimulate the production of sebum (due to exfoliation), if proper skin toning isn't done!


5. Allergic Reaction

There are various types of facials and different products are used in their preparation. Certain people may be allergic to a few ingredients used in facials, causing allergic reactions like itches, rashes, hives, etc.


6. Scarring

During the process of blackhead removal, the beauticians may use fingers or tools to extract the impurities and blackheads from your pores. If this process is not done in the right technique, it may lead to cuts or injuries, which may leave undesirable scars on your face!


7. Dry Skin

Regular facials can eliminate the natural moisture levels and may disturb the pH balance of your skin, leading to more dryness.

While it may be true that facials can have certain beneficial effects on your skin, some people opine that getting facials done on a regular basis can do more harm than good to your skin.

If you are curious to know about some of negative side effects of facials, do read on.

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