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7 Different Face Packs For 7 Days Of The Week!

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Do you crave for a gorgeous glowing skin like the one you've never had before? Well, we have a seven-day ritual of seven face packs you can try for the seven different days of the week!

Using face packs every day may not be a great idea if the packs you would be using are too harsh, but since these face packs are all homemade, they wouldn't harm your skin at all. Moreover, they would help your skin get a natural glow.

There is no need to spend excessive amounts on fancy face packs when you can make fancy packs in the luxury of your own home.

These are all natural, but we do insist on you doing a patch test first, in case you have sensitive skin, as the skin may react adversely to some ingredients. Nevertheless, it is the best option for people with sensitive skin to go natural.

These face packs will help you with multiple things, so that all your skin care issues can be tackled. So, have fun reading these and trying them out as well. Here they are.

1. Honey And Lemon Cleanser: Start your week with a honey and lemon mix to cleanse your face. This is so gentle that it can even replace your regular face wash. This mix even helps get rid of tan.

seven face packs for seven days

2. Strawberry Polish: Move on to Tuesday, to gently polish your skin with strawberry pulp and seeds. This is a luxurious treatment that costs very little and would help your skin have a smoother surface area.

seven face packs for seven days

3. Yogurt For Moisture: Yogurt can really help beat redness for people who have sensitive skin. It also helps moisturise the skin without adding too much oil. This is what you've got to try for the third day in this seven face packs for seven days ritual.

seven face packs for seven days

4. Besan Scrub: Besan is one of the best kept secrets of our ancestors. Mix besan with milk and use it on your face to get rid of dead skin cells and to make your skin glow.

seven face packs for seven days

5. Mud Pack For Acne: Most of us have battled with acne at some point of time or the other in our lives. Use a pack made out of multani mitti and rose water to get rid of all the acne spots and to absorb excessive oil from the face.

seven face packs for seven days

6. Turmeric For Radiance: Turmeric is the one ingredient that helps you deal with almost all your skin problems. Make a pack out of turmeric and milk, and then watch how radiant your skin gets.

seven face packs for seven days

7. Rice Water For Clear Skin: Apply diluted rice water to your face to get rid of the brown spots and to have younger-looking skin on Friday to end the seven-day ritual!

seven face packs for seven days
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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2016, 15:00 [IST]
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