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Rose Water for Skin Care

Posted By: Staff

Despite its easy availability and cost effectiveness, the merits of rose water are often underplayed. Rose water holds an important place in aromatherapy and spa treatment. However, it could have additional uses if given a spot in the kitchen. The smell of rose water stimulates our senses and relaxes the mind.

The Egyptians had been the first to find out about the uses of rose water. Rose essential oil can be said to have aphrodisiac effects and had been used by none other than the classic beauty Cleopatra to seduce her lover Anthony. She bathed in a bath brimming with milk and rose petals that brought that ill-famed glow to her skin.

rose water

In India, rose water is used during auspicious events for its cleansing properties and soothing scent. It is used in cuisines and in pan or betel leaf as it is a great digestive agent. A dash of rose water in lemonade could work wonders to sooth a disturbed gastric system and may also be used to prepare a refreshing summer drink.

Rose water is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and tonic and may be applied as a topical treatment to burns and allergic skin. Some capfuls of rose water in bathwater have the same effects of aromatherapy and leave you smelling fresh and feeling rejuvenated.

rose petals

Rose water may be mixed with home made and powdered face packs to tone the skin and clear it of blemishes and imperfections. Even by itself, it can make for a great natural toner, particularly when chilled and dabbed over the face in hot summers.

Here are two face packs with rose water, one for the oily skin and one for the dry skin that can work wonders for your skin:


For oily or acne-prone skin: Mix rose water with some fuller's earth and some drops of lemon juice to get a deep pore cleansing treatment. Leave it on until it dries and wash off with cold water.

For dry skin: Mix together rose water, milk and honey with oatmeal and make a paste. Apply this to your face and wash off once dry. It is a great face pack as it not only moisturizes your skin, but also provides it with essential nutrients.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 22:58 [IST]
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