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Reasons Why You Should Get A Full Beard, Now!

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A clean shaven look in itself is attractive, but there is something about a thick well-defined beard that makes you sit up and take notice! It oozes out masculinity, not to mention, adds a sense of ruggedness to the overall look! And it is this exact appeal that draws women to men like moth to the fire!

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If that is not reason enough to convince you to sport a beard, here are some scientifically proven health benefits too. Did you know that a beard helps your skin retain its natural oil, keeping it supple and smooth? Thick beards blocks out UV rays, protecting the skin against cancer causing free radicals.

A beard emanates power and demands respect. However, we do not mean those unruly mop of thick hair covering your face, making you look like you haven't taken bath in a while. We mean well-groomed, well-shaped facial hair that adds to your charm.

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So, why spend hours toning your biceps in the gym or shelling out big bucks in latest fashion, when the simple solution to upgrade your looks lies in sporting that thick beard! Here are a few surprising reasons that will spur you to get that beard today!


Protects Against UV Rays

From dark spots to wrinkles, most of the skin issues are caused due to exposure to UV rays. Incidentally, a beard offers up to 95% protection against the sun, proving to be far more potent than any SPF you can pack on. Beards effectively mitigate sun damage and reduce the chances of you contracting skin cancer by half.


Barricades Allergens

Did you know that those unsightly nose hairs, that you so diligently trim everyday, act as a filter system that prevents pollens and allergens from entering your body through airways? With the beard, that protective layer extends. The allergens get trapped in your thick whisker, preventing it from entering your body.


Improves Sex Life

Facial hair is a biological marker of sexual maturity, which makes it a natural turn on for women. Not just that, testosterones, a prime hormone responsible for hair growth in men sees a significance rise after sexual activity, stimulating hair growth.


Reduces Acne

Shaving is one of the main culprits behind acne or facial rashes in men. Keeping away from the razor for a while will keep your skin healthy, allow blemishes to fade and prevent new breakouts from occurring. Also, beards help the skin to produce natural oils that work to keep the skin smooth and supple.


Prevents Cold

Apart from warding off infection causing allergens, a beard also does the job of insulating your skin, keeping you warm during the cold days of winter. The longer the beard, the warmer you will feel. However, make it a point to follow basic hygiene and trim your beard regularly to kill any bacteria lurking in the beard!


Reduces Wrinkles

Exposure to sunlight damages the collagen fibres in the skin, which leads to abnormal elastin buildup causing wrinkle. A beard essentially slows down aging by providing optimum protection to the skin against harmful UV rays. So, the thicker the layer of beard you sport, the better it would be!


Builds Confidence

Research suggests that men with facial hair are perceived as more masculine and aggressive as compared to men with clean shaved look. It not only boosts their attractive quotient amongst women by 53%, but also spirals their self-esteem, making them more confident about their looks.

A beard is one of nature's intended ways for men to feel more empowered, so why deny yourself the joy?

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Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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