Natural Ways To Clean Your Face Without Soap

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As we all know, soap can be a little harsh on the skin, especially if you have really sensitive skin. There are some natural ways you can clean your face minus soap. Read further to know the list of natural skin cleansers.

Even if you don't have sensitive skin, it is often nice to get a break from chemicals that are present in soaps and face washes. Face washes are usually really gentle, but these natural remedies to clean your face are completely devoid of chemicals, so you could definitely use these instead of face washes.

These natural skin cleansers are all hidden away in your kitchen cabinet or cupboard, and you can use them anytime you like.

Another bonus of using these natural cleansers is that they are all way cheaper than other store-bought cleansers. The pros of using natural cleansers are amazing, as they are gentler on the skin, and leave your skin soft and moisturised, and the best part, are really cheap.

So, the next time you're running out of a face wash or cleanser, just try one of these out and your skin will be left smooth and clean. Trust us, your skin will thank you for this!



Honey is a natural humectant and helps your skin stay hydrated. It will help you get rid of all the dirt on the surface of the skin, without clogging out pores.


Coconut Oil

This oil is exceptionally effective in removing makeup. This can be used as a natural cleansing oil as well. So, why spend so much on a makeup remover when you can use coconut oil?



Lemon juice helps lighten the skin and remove impurities. Use lemon juice all over your face and wash it off after 15 minutes.



Yogurt is a natural moisturiser for the face and helps get rid of any dirt on the face gently. This is also great for people who may have a tanned skin.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water for this. This natural skin cleanser would be perfect for people who have an acne-prone skin. Make sure you use this only once a week, else it can be quite drying.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best-suited oils for the face. It helps remove all signs of makeup and keeps the skin soft. Use this before bedtime for best results.

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