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How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair

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Being a woman is not an easy task. There are many things that a woman needs to do to take care of her looks.

From getting regular beauty treatments like facials to applying beauty masks, these are the regular things that every girl goes through in her life.

These treatments are tideous, but they need to be followed to get rid of the skin problems like facial hair and hair that grows all over the body and also to get rid of things like dust and dead skin cells which make the face appear dull and lifeless.

In this article, we are here to share information on some of the tips on how to get rid of the ingrown hair. This is a problem that every girl faces after she goes in for a waxing or shaving session.

Nobody wants these things, and definitely not the ladies who want to get rid of the body and facial hair in the first place. So, find out more about the best tricks that can help you get rid of the unwanted ingrown hair instantly.

Read on to know more about the best tricks to banish ingrown hair, here!


Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Generally, tight jeans and shirts can cause friction on the skin and it can put pressure on the delicate hair follicles. This in turn breaks the hair tip and increases the growth of ingrown hair.


Use Sterilised Tweezers

Before you use your tweezers, make sure they are sterile. All you need to do is simply poke the bump with a tweezer. The hair follicle comes out after around a minute, and in this way, you can get rid of the ingrown hair.


Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be used to treat so many skin conditions and ailments. Though it cannot completely help you in getting rid of the ingrown hair, you can try the trick of blending tea tree oil and aloe vera gel in a 1:3 ratio. Mix it well and apply it on the skin, as it helps to get rid of the ingrown hair.


At The End Of Your Shower, Simply Shave

This is another simple tip to get rid of ingrown hair. All you need to do is to shave at the end of your shower. This is important, as the skin is soft and the hair follicles are open and it can help get rid of the ingrown hair.


Exfoliate Often

When you have a layer of dead skin which is really thick, then it is harder to break through. So, to avoid all the unwanted cuts and bumps, one needs to exfoliate first and only then go in for a wax or shave.


Use Vinegar

Try this unique trick! All you need to do is to soak a towel in some warm vinegar and cover this on to the affected area and leave it for about 10 minutes. Shave or wax after that and see the ingrown hair disappear slowly.

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