How To Find The Right Bindi Designs For Your Face Shape

By: Rima

Bindi is an exemplary accessory for every Indian woman, as it helps to enhance her physical appearance and facial features. Bindi is a word which actually originated from a Sanskrit word "Bindu", which means a dot or a drop.

Be it traditional Indian wear or a saree, Bindi is the component which helps to complete the traditional look of an Indian lady.

By committing a small mistake while selecting the right type or shape of a Bindi, do you know that it can actually ruin your look? Hence, it is very important to choose the right Bindi designs that suit your face shape the best.

Here, we list some of the face types and the kind of bindis that would suit these face types and features, have a look.

finding right bindi

1. Heart-shaped Face
Slightly widened cheeks and narrow chin along with a board forehead, simply means that your face is heart shaped. You should opt to wear small or very tiny bindi designs that look prominent. Wearing a big-sized bindi is the biggest mistake you can make because it can make your forehead look broad.

finding right bindi

2. Oval Face
Women with an oval-shaped face have forehead and chin in proportion, with the cheekbones appearing to be dominant. Biggest positive point for an oval face shape is that the women having this face type can wear any size and shape of a Bindi on face; but they have to avoid putting long Bindis, as it may make the face look elongated.

finding right bindi

3. Round-shaped Face
Opt to wear a vertical bindi, which looks accurate on a round-shaped face. Choose vertical Bindis which counterpart with your lipstick shade as well as blend with your overall outfit. Avoid wearing round or over-sized Bindis, as they may make your face look relatively small.

finding right bindi

4. Triangular-shaped Face
Pointed chin and strong jaw line with small forehead is an indication that your face is triangular shaped. Whether it is small or designer, anything looks good on your face, so you can try different shapes and designs of Bindi with a traditional wear. However, you should choose a bindi which is elegant and apt for the face, without creating a bad impression. Bad choice of a bindi can again land you in problem.

finding right bindi

5. Square Shape
If you have a forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line of the same width, you have a square-shaped face. Women with a square-shaped face should consider wearing a round or V-shaped bindi, as it compliments your facial structure the best. You should avoid wearing geometrical shapes of bindi, as it may look weird and bad.

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Story first published: Monday, October 31, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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