Fruity Face Packs That Make Your Skin Cool In Summer

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When the sun's rays get to you, the skin tends to boil up and get sweaty. This uncomfortable feeling is not so great, especially when it interferes with your pores and clogs them up.

It is during summer that you are visited with a number of pimples and boils all over the body. To keep these ugly-looking zits at bay, we at Boldsky tell you what to do to keep your skin cool and lovely.

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In summer, when the temperature increases, the first thing you should do is to add more liquids to your diet. When your consumption of liquids increases, there is a greater chance of you not developing any summer skin rashes.

Water helps to pamper the skin, so make sure you wash your face at least three to four times in a day, if you want to look after your beautiful face this summer.

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On the other hand, beauty experts state that one should turn to cool face packs to beat the heat. Today, we suggest 7 face packs that you can totally fall in love with this hot season.

When you apply these cool face packs on your skin, you will soon start to see the difference in how your skin feels. So, take a look at these 7 really cool face packs to pamper your pores:


Cucumber Face Pack:

This wonderful water-based vegetable works miracles on the skin in summer. If you want to sweat less in summer, make sure you pamper your face with a cucumber face pack. It will open your clogged pores, making you feel cool.


Watermelon Face Pack:

The red fruit will make you burst with energy when it is consumed. If you want to beat the heat, pamper your skin with a watermelon face pack. Use the rich pulp to massage your face and when it dries, rinse with rose water.


Orange Face Pack:

Nothing can beat a citrus face pack! Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is one of the best elements that can make your skin feel good and fresh when the temperatures are high. Massage the pulp of an orange deep into the skin; and when dry, massage your face with the juice of a lemon. This trick of two citrus fruits will also help you get rid of your summer tan.


Muskmelon Face Pack:

Muskmelon may have a peculiar smell, but it is indeed one of the blissful fruits to pamper your skin with. Muskmelon enriches your skin to glow and improves your complexion. Apply crushed melon pulp with the juice of the fruit on your skin, to keep it cool this summer.


Grape Face Pack:

Purple grapes are indeed the best summer fruits that you can use on your face as a pack. The grape's pulp is rich in vitamins, which will make your skin breathe better. It will also get rid of those ugly pimples and scars.


Tender Coconut Face Pack:

When you feel the sweat dripping down your face, don't hesitate to rinse your face with some tender coconut water. This fruit's pulp is also good for the skin, so don't discard it.


Strawberry Face Pack:

Crush a handful of strawberries in a grinder and use the pulp as a face pack. The tiny seeds present in the strawberries will enable to unclog the pores as well as remove blackheads and whiteheads.

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