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DIY Yogurt Face Pack To Reduce Redness

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Everyone likes a healthy pink tint or blush on their faces. However, what if it's a lot worse than a healthy flush?

There are many underlying causes for reddening of the face. The temporary healthy flush comes from blushing out of embarrassment, but that's fairly normal.

Sometimes, redness can be caused by acne marks or rashes. Or even more serious problems. Allergic rhinitis can often have an impact on the face by turning certain areas red.

And, at times, the cause of excessive flushing of the skin is menopause or even sun damage. Whatever be the cause, excessive redness of the face is not a pleasant or comfortable sight.

It can make the makeup look strange too, as only foundation is not enough to cover up all the redness. To banish redness underneath the makeup, a primer with green corrector is suggested.

These high-end colour-correcting cosmetics are not available in India, so ordering online can be quite pricey. Redness of the face isn't given too much attention, but it can make the face appear displeasing.

So, to make things a lot easier, here's a DIY face pack using inexpensive items from your kitchen to treat the problem of redness on the face.

Ingredients Required:
1 cup of yogurt
1 cucumber
A bowl (for mixing)

diy face pack to reduce redness

Method Of Preparation & Application:

Pour some yogurt into the bowl and ensure that the watery part of the yogurt is removed. Grate one cucumber and add that to the yogurt.

You could even put the cucumber into the food processor to make it smoother. Mix the cucumber pulp into the yogurt and mix it well. Apply the mixture evenly all over the face and neck too, if desired.

Try to make sure that none of the mixture drips. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Using cold water is a must, as warm water would only open up the pores.

Yogurt acts as a moisturiser for sensitive, dry skin and also cools down the angry red skin. Cucumber is known as a great natural toner and is also an active ingredient in a lot of the store-bought toners.

Along with toning the skin and shrinking the size of the pores, cucumber also cools down the face and soothes it, as it is an excellent coolant.

diy face pack to reduce redness

This face pack is gentle enough to be used quite frequently. For best results, use it twice in a week.

So, let me know if you tried this out, and how it fared for you, in the comments section below!

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Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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