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Brilliant Tips To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Can you imagine yourself going out without makeup? But, do you know that too much makeup can only deteriorate your skin?

Using foundation, concealer and other products regularly can make your skin become more oily or dry and increase skin problems like, acne, pimples, rashes, itchiness and what not.

Look Naturally Beautiful With No Makeup

With 10 brilliant tips to look beautiful without makeup, you can get rid of these issues.

Actually, these makeup products are full of chemicals, which can have severe effects on your skin if used daily. People believe that women don’t look as attractive and beautiful as they do with makeup.

This is completely wrong. Each woman has her own natural beauty. You can enhance it by maintaining the ways to look beautiful without makeup. It is true that girls don’t like to go outside without makeup.

However, try these 10 brilliant tips to look beautiful without makeup and see how attractive you can be.

Home Remedies To Get Beautiful Eyes Without Makeup

Treat your skin, pamper yourself, use herbal remedies to provide enough nutrients and obviously, keep a check on your diet. Large burgers only deposit oil on your skin and make you look greasy.

Read on to know more about the 10 brilliant ways to look beautiful without makeup.


1. Feel Beautiful:

Yes, this is the most important thing to look beautiful. As soon as you consider yourself beautiful, your confidence will be shown in your face and that is enough to make you look attractive.


2. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

The more you drink water, the more toxins will be flushed out of your body and your skin will be revitalised from the inside. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water regularly and you won't need any makeup.


3. Make Friendship With Sunscreen:

Teens often miss it out. To prevent your skin from getting damaged by the harmful UV rays, sunscreen is a must. Women often skip it on cloudy and wintry days, but it is not the right thing to do.


4. Love Thy Moisturiser:

Cracked and chapped skin requires makeup to conceal. If you moisturise your skin well, it will be easy to have smooth skin and you can keep wrinkles and saggy skin at bay. While applying it on the face, don't ignore your hands and feet.


5. Hot Water With Lemon:

Drink it on an empty stomach each morning and you can say good-bye to your makeup kit. It keeps your senses awake and drains all those toxins from your body. Your skin will also glow naturally. This is definitely one of the best among the 10 brilliant tips to look beautiful without makeup.


6. Use Face Wash:

Leftovers of makeup can make your skin look dull and welcome new skin problems. You should wash your face with a herbal face wash every day after waking up and before going to bed. This practice will open up the pores and you'll feel refreshed.


7. Exfoliate Well:

Not daily, but twice in a week. Use herbal scrubs to exfoliate your skin, so that your skin can breathe properly. Dirt and dead cells are responsible for untimely ageing. You'll look lifeless too. Exfoliate your body regularly to get a naturally glowing skin. Who needs makeup?


8. Use Toner:

Are you looking for 10 brilliant tips to look beautiful without makeup? Then using toner is one of the best. It tightens your skin, closes your pores, so that they don't attract dirt, and also removes the trace of oil from your skin.


9. Shampoo Your Hair:

Oily hair, dandruff, dirty hair, etc, can make you look dirty and oily. Clean your hair regularly to have a refreshed look. Try to tie your hair to save it from the scorching heat of the sun and have a clean look.


10. Don’t Prick Pimples:

You apply makeup to hide the spots and blemishes. How about not having those at all? Don't touch your skin unnecessarily and never prick pimples. Isn't it one of the best among 10 brilliant tips to look beautiful?

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