Eat These 7 Minerals To Get A Younger-looking Skin

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We all want a beautiful and radiant skin, and to achieve this we apply a lot of skin creams, facials, face masks, and the list goes on. These external treatments slowly start to show their price, as they get absorbed on to the skin and eventually lead to skin problems.

The external skin creams, oils and face masks may show immediate effects; however, they fail to make the skin healthy from inside. To make your skin healthy, glowing and younger permanently from inside, you need to eat certain foods that help in this process.

These foods contain minerals and vitamins that help remove all the signs of ageing from the skin. The minerals present in these foods can increase your skin's elasticity, help to build skin collagen and increase blood flow to the skin.

Therefore, apart from an external care for your skin, you need to eat certain foods that beautify your skin from inside, to get a radiating look on the outside.

In this article, we have listed some best foods for your skin that are rich in minerals that can make your skin glow, appear younger and more radiant.

Scroll down to know the best minerals for you skin.



Silicon is a mineral that is found in cabbage, lettuce, apples, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, whole grains, etc. It removes wrinkles and fine lines from your skin by increasing the skin's elasticity. Silicon also makes your skin glow and helps brighten your eyes. It is a mineral of youth and vitality. This mineral is good for the nails and hair as well.



This mineral removes the puffiness of the eyes, swollen hands and feet. It is also good in relieving the swelling of the face. Potassium also removes toxins and wastes from your body apart from the retained water in your body. Foods containing potassium are kiwi, apricots, pear, dried dates, dried figs, dates, banana, brussel sprouts, etc.



Zinc reduces skin acne and removes scars from your skin. It also helps in healing the cuts and wounds at a faster pace. It builds collagen in your skin, thus making your skin smooth, healthy and younger looking. Zinc also removes wrinkles and other signs of ageing from your face. Foods containing zinc are dark chocolate, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, etc.



It helps to detoxify your body, thus making the skin appear younger and radiant. It helps in a smooth blood flow to the body parts and skin. This makes your skin healthy from the inside as well. Foods containing magnesium are banana, lentils, avocado, sea vegetables, broccoli, spinach, etc.



Iron makes your skin look attractive by adding a reddish glow to it. Iron helps to add oxygen to the blood and makes the skin look full of life and alleviates dullness. Foods containing iron are spinach, apricots, dates, mushrooms, beans, raisins, walnuts, asparagus, pistachios, etc.



This mineral increases the skin's elasticity and thus delays skin ageing. Eating foods rich in copper can make your skin look more youthful and remove the appearance of wrinkles. Foods containing copper are kale, mushrooms, oysters, lobster, crab, octopus, etc.



For healthy and white sparkling teeth, have foods containing calcium in them. Calcium also makes our bones flexible and helps to keep our posture straight. Foods containing calcium are spinach, turnips, kale, dandelion leaves, sesame seeds, etc.

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