Why Your Facials Are Going Wrong

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Yes, most of us have misunderstood the role of facials. Some of us perceive them as useless and we even think that they are expensive. And some of us never even include them in skin care routines.

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Of course, some of us generally try a facial once in a blue moon and that is why we never see the benefits in the long run. This might make us think that they aren't really effective. And that is why we hate to spend time or money on such routines.

But dermatologists claim that regular facials that too with natural ingredients can boost your skin at least by 25% in a span of months.Yes there are facials for sensitive skin too.

But again, the moment you stop facials, the beauty of your skin may again go down. But of course, isn't that the case with your makeup kit?

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Your makeup may give you a different look but only till you wash your face and remove the makeup, right? Well, in that case, facials are far better because their benefits last longer and they make your skin radiant without using a thick layer of makeup.


Don't Treat Facials As Quick-Fixes

Remember that prevention is better than cure. Facials do exactly the same. They prevent skin issues. But they might not be able to cure skin issues.


The Blackheads Need Special Care

If you handle your black heads in a wrong way, you may cause more damage to your skin. Regular facials may prevent the occurrence of blackheads. If blackheads are ignored they may attract dirt and spoil the quality of your skin.


Facials Should Include Massage

A massage can do wonders to your skin because it deals with the blood circulation under your skin. If your facials don't include massaging, then you are not repeating its real benefits.


Facials Should Be Consistent

Just like your diet and exercise routine, consistency is the key in facials. If you are not regular, your skin quality may again fade out.


Stay Away From Costly Chemicals

If a product has a pricey tag, it doesn't mean that it can be good for your skin. Choose your products with care and consult your dermatologist if you ever go for any product that doesn't contain natural ingredients.


Facials Reduce Your Makeup Expenses

Of course, when your skin looks radiant even before you apply makeup, why would you waste lots of money on that makeup kit? That is why facials are worth it.

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Story first published: Friday, January 8, 2016, 7:02 [IST]
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