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Beauty Benefits Of Coffee Powder Face Packs

By: Debdatta Mazumder

When it comes to beauty treatment, you should use such components that suit your skin type and you get maximum benefits from them.

To make your skin glow, beautiful and healthy, you use several market-made products, right? But, the face packs available at the market are full of chemicals.

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Even those that claim to be herbal contain chemical ingredients. So, you'll at times have no idea how these might affect your skin.

Here's a simple solution. Why not use home remedies instead? A banana and honey pack will always work better on your skin than any market-made face packs.

One of the simple ingredients for beauty treatment is coffee powder. With simple coffee powder face pack recipe, you can get healthy and glowing skin naturally.

Coffee contains caffeine that is not good for your health if taken in excess. Instead of having coffee, you can use it as a beauty ingredient. So, does your next question involve, how to make a coffee powder face pack?

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Well, for that you can mix coffee powder and honey or make a scrub with lemon juice and coffee powder. There are lots of other ways to use simple coffee powder face pack as well.

What are the benefits of coffee powder face packs? Do these packs really help you get flawless skin? To know more about the benefits of coffee powder face packs, go through the following points in this article.


1. Removes Puffy Eyes:

Caffeine in coffee is effective in removing dark patches around your eyes and also the puffiness instantly. Make a paste with coffee powder and water and apply it around your eyes. Within half an hour, you can see the magic work. All puffiness will be gone!


2. Exfoliates Your Skin:

This is one of the most important benefits of a coffee powder face pack. Take ground coffee beans and scrub your skin gently with it to remove dirt and dead skin cells. You can use coffee and olive oil pack for exfoliation, as olive oil will keep your skin moisturised while scrubbing.


3. Provides Antioxidants:

Being rich in flavonoids, coffee prevents the growth of free radicals and keeps you away from the threat of skin cancer. Along with that, it also stops pre-mature ageing and untimely wrinkles. Make a pack with coffee, cocoa powder and honey.


4. Tightens Your Skin:

Make a simple coffee powder face pack with coffee powder, coconut oil and some sea salt. Apply this once in a week to prevent loosening of the skin. Actually, coffee is known as a diuretic and it helps a lot in removing cellulite. Thus, you can get firm skin by the use of coffee powder.


5. Brightens Your Skin Tone:

No, it can't change your complexion but give your skin a natural glow. Coffee is used to remove dark spots and pigmentation from your face and give you a vibrant complexion. You can make a pack with egg white and coffee powder.


6. Stops Inflammation:

Often people with sensitive skin don't get what to use for skin treatment, as ingredients like lemon or orange give a tingling effect. Coffee powder is the best choice for sensitive skin, as it is anti-inflammatory and soothes inflamed skin too.


7. Keeps Your Skin Smooth:

Skin bumps often make your skin appear uneven and that is not the thing you want. If you want to have a touch-good feeling, seek help to coffee. A simple coffee powder face pack with coconut oil can give you smooth skin naturally.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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