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Avoid These Beauty Ingredients Immediately

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There are many beauty products that we experiment with. The women folk especially go crazy when buying beauty products and wait eagerly to try each one out.

Girls try any new thing that they hear or come across; and when the results are shocking, they get depressed. This happens when certain ingredients don't suit your skin tone.

The beauty products that might work for you might not work for your friend, as everybody's skin is different.

Here, in this article, we've shared the list of ingredients that need to be completely avoided in beauty products.

These products do more harm than good to the skin and also create unwanted skin problems.

Read on to know more about these harmful beauty ingredients that can spoil your skin and can cause skin diseases and lead to some serious skin issues.

These are the ingredients you need to have a close watch at and avoid, while you purchase your beauty products the next time.

So, make sure you check this list before purchasing any new beauty products, as these harmful ingredients are quite common these days.

Find out more on the list of harmful beauty ingredients that you need to avoid NOW!!

This is the most common ingredient found in all nail polishes. It is a petroleum-based chemical and has a distinctive smell. It irritates your lungs when inhaled and can affect your central nervous system. So, the next time you pick up a nail paint, make sure it is toluene free.

This is an endocrine disrupter, which creates a problem in your hormone balance and can cause various health problems that include obesity and fertility issues. So, next time you pick up a sunscreen lotion, make sure you check the ingredients before purchasing it.


Avoid These Beauty Ingredients Immediate

Lead builds up in your body over a period of time and can cause memory loss, weakness and anaemia. It is found in most of the lipsticks that you use every day. Hence, choose your makeup wisely!

This is generally used in the making of toys for kids, apart from being used in many cosmetics, body washes, hair care products and fragranced lotions. Studies reveal that this chemical is linked to cancer, reproductive problems and birth defects.


Benzene is a known carcinogen and is derived from coal tar. It is commonly found in hair-conditioning and styling lotions. Constant exposure to this can lead to a person being vulnerable to cancer.

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