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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Soap On Your Face


Most of us use a soap when we take a shower without being aware of the harmful effects it has on the skin. To a matter of surprise, regular use of soaps can lead to infections and other skin irritations.

So how is soap harmful to the skin on the face? Soap contains a chemical called sodium lauryl sulphate that could be very harmful to the skin. Apart from this it also contains other chemicals like caustic soda, artificial fragrances, preservatives, etc., that can cause further damage.

The skin on our face is very sensitive and is prone to get affected by these chemicals quickly. So it is important to be aware of the harmful consequences of using soap on the skin on the face.

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In this article, we have listed some reasons why you should not use soap on your face.

1. Damages The Skin

Soap is infused with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. Since the skin on the face is soft and sensitive, there are chances for the skin to get damaged easier. Regular use of soap also rips off the natural oils of the skin thus making it dull and dry.

2. Leads To Dry Skin

Using soap on your face can definitely help in cleaning the skin but also have side effects. The caustic acid in soap removes the natural oil produced on the skin. It makes your skin look thin and eventually, it begins to peel off. Moreover, regular use can lead to wrinkles on your skin.

3. Affects The Health Of The Skin

Frequent use of bar soaps will wash off the natural lipids on the skin. These natural lipids protect the skin from infections. Loss of these lipids will invite bacteria and viral infections on the skin. This will affect the immunity of the skin.

4. Disturbs The pH Balance Of The Skin

Some soaps disturb the pH balance of the surface of the skin, thus making it more alkaline[1]. The pH balance of the skin is very important as it helps in keeping away from bacteria and any kind of infections. It also helps in protecting the skin from becoming dry and flaky. Compared to bar soaps, liquid cleansers are more acidic in nature and are less likely to change the pH balance of the skin.

5. Blocks Pores Of The Skin

Regular use of soaps can lead to blocking of the pores on the surface of the skin. This is because most of the bar soaps contain fatty acids that get accumulated in the pores and clogs it. [2] This ultimately will lead to various skin issues like blackheads, breakouts, infections, etc. [3]

6. Strips The Vitamins From The Skin

Overuse of soap bars can strip off the essential vitamins from the skin that can help in making the skin look fresh and healthy. Vitamin D on your skin that is generated from exposure to sun gets damaged by the harsh chemicals in the soap. Vitamin D is essential in keeping a healthy skin.

7. Destroys Good Microbes

Bacteria are of two types good and bad. Good bacteria are those present on the surface of the skin that helps to fight various skin infections. The absence of good bacteria can also bring other skin problems like acne and breakouts. If used frequently on the skin, soap will kill all the good bacteria.

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Now that you know the side effects of using soap on the face, we hope you will think again before using them on the face.

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