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Why Most Of The Men Have Dull Skin

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Men's skin care can really be easy but seldom do they care to pay attention. Of course, gradually today's men have started doing something about skin but still, a majority of them have not changed much.

Signs Your Skin Needs Care

On the top of it, men generally damage their skin with their lifestyle habits and they do less to help the skin recover form the damage.

Skin requires care. From food to using the right skin care products or remedies, there are certain things to be done for flawless skin. Therefore, men's skin care routine must be taken seriously.

Signs Your Hair Care Routine Failed

Now, let us look at the reasons why men's skin is generally dry or dull.



Those who smoke give a tough time to their skin. Yes, smoking makes your skin terrible even if you try to save it with several products. Also, smoking causes premature wrinkles.



Alcohol spoils your sleep quality and thereby affects your skin.


Sun Exposure

Generally, men tend to go out without sunscreen and they spend much of their time in the skin. Well, sun exposure terribly damages your skin.


Late Nights

Whether it is your work or your partying, late nights and insufficient sleep can wreck your skin in a big way.



Stress never lets your skin repair itself. This is one reason why stressful men have dull skin.


No Skin Care

A very small percentage of men really care for their skin. They follow a proper skin care routine. But the rest of the men don't even use a cream to protect their skin.


Bad Shaving Habits

Shaving is a ritual that has to be done with care if you care for your skin. But men who do it carelessly tend to suffer more skin issues.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 4:03 [IST]
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