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What Damages Your Hair


Hair damage occurs in many ways. From environmental factors to lifestyle factors, there are a lot of things that affect your hair.

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Of course, environmental factors like sun and pollution are completely out of our hands but what about the factors that can be taken into your hands?

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Are you wondering how to prevent hair damage? Well, if the damage is due to your grooming habits like shampooing, brushing or colouring your hair, you can make some minor changes and still save your hair before its too late.

Let us look into such habits that damage your hair.

How Hair Gets Damaged


What happens when you bleach your hair? Well, certain chemicals penetrate your hair and alter its structure which makes your hair more vulnerable to damage. When you weaken your hair, you tend to gradually lose it. This is how hair gets damaged.


Though coloring isn't as harsh as bleaching, it still affects your hair in the long run. Your hair may become dryer soon.


Whether you straighten your hair or curl it through perming, remember that chemicals are involved in the process. Yes, your hair becomes weak and gets damaged easily after some time.

Too Much Of Shampooing

This may make your hair too dry. The purpose of washing your scalp is to get rid of the dirt and buildup of oil, but if you strip away its moisture in the name of shampooing, you may weaken your hair one day. This is one of the effects of shampoo on hair.


Brush your hair too much and you are going to damage it. The friction may lead to breakage. These are just a few ways in which hair gets damaged. If you know of any other ways, please share them with us.

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